’12 Mighty Orphans’ brings great plot, but cast is not used


The film ’12 Mighty Orphans’ (12 Mighty Orphans), is produced by Sony Pictures Classic and is available for you on the free Youcine app, just download it on your Android phone, iPhone or TV Box.

12 Mighty Orphans

The production has excellent actors known to the general public and a great plot. The problem is that it gets lost in the technical part and ends up not showing much emotion.

In the film, football coach Rusty Russell, played by Luke Wilson (The Eccentric Tenenbaums), is hired to train orphans in 1938 Texas. At this time, the Great Depression shook the United States and, with it, the number of children who lost their parents grew. A large part of them, being older, were no longer adopted by any family. So there’s only one football dream and hope left to stay alive, in line and hopeful for a good future.

Real facts

The coolest thing is that the story is based on true events of the “Might Mite”, or “The Powerful Pulgas”, translated into Portuguese. It was adapted from the book of the same name, released in 2008 and written by Jim Dent. The name is an allusion to no one truly expecting anything from them.

The group of young people moved the North American nation at a time when there were many people discredited with the economy, and without the certainty of a promising future. So cheering for the orphans seemed like the right thing to do. But in fact it was the same as believing in the impossible. As they gained and advanced, the hope of an entire nation grew together.

Scarcity of Emotion

12 Mighty Orphans

The movie  ’12 Mighty Orphans’ reminds a lot ‘Duel of the Titans’. The point here is that the emotion left in this other quoted work is lacking in ‘2 Powerful Orphans’. It’s not a bad feature, but it misses the chance to be remarkable and unforgettable.

The direction of Ty Roberts is very weak. And that’s why it gave the impression that the film took a long time to play. A few, but still strange, cutscenes gave the impression of not being well planned and conveyed the idea that we missed something.

Great list but underused

There are a high number of excellent actors in this feature, but unfortunately they are all underused. There was no scene worthy of honor. Luke Wilson does the basics and sins for being the great protagonist and not showing much. Martin Sheen (The Departed), is a golden supporting actor and, even so, also fails to stand out.

Vinessa Shawn (Cursed Trip), is the protagonist’s wife and hardly appears. Wayne Knight (Jurassic Park), does not bring anything new in his role. Robert Duvall (The Godfather), appears in just one scene, that is, very little. Among the boys, none stands out. In fact, his performances went from average to terrible.


‘2 Mighty Orphans’ is a film that brings us a great story, but it is conducted in a way well below the audience’s expectations. What was supposed to be sensational became something very common. The lack of a more courageous direction weighed heavily.

Movie’s cast

Luke Wilson, Martin Sheen, Vinessa Shaw, Wayne Knight, Robert Duvall.

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