5 facts about ROUND 6 you need to know


With the announcement of the second season, Youcine brought you some curiosities about Round 6- the most watched series of recent times.

Color Theory

1. Color Theory

All the colors presented in the series were thought. If we stop to analyze the color theory, we will notice that the green of the participants’ uniform, and the pink of the guards’ uniform, are opposite colors and very well thought out to give the impression of different groups.

2. The Symbols

Look at the masks used by the guards in the series, you’ll notice that each one has a geometric shape. This shape represents the hierarchy of guards, with the more points, the higher the level in the hierarchy.

3. Lean Cows

The creator of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk, decided to make the players as people with debts and financial difficulties, as the screenwriter himself was experiencing various economic difficulties at the time. These difficulties, because even he couldn’t sell his Round 6 script at the time.

4. The Games

Over the course of the series, several participants took risks to find out what the next game would be that should be played. However, all the games were already engraved on the dorm walls since the beginning of the series! They weren’t visible, because of the bunks in the front.

Second season

Hwang Dong-hyunk has already stated in interviews that he no longer wants to produce Round Six seasons, but taking into account the absurd success of the series, the producer has already confirmed the second season! If you liked these news, download the Youcine free apk on your cell phone, android, Iphone, TV Box or Smart Tv and see everything for free!

5 Stranger Things Season 4 Trivia You Didn’t Know

Strange Things

1. Strange Things

Can you imagine Stranger Things with another name? The directors almost didn’t choose another name! Originally, the series was supposed to be called “Montauk”, a name derived from an alleged US government project done in the city of the same name.

2. Time is money

The fourth season of the series took 2 years to shoot, taking into account the pandemic and the time of each episode! This season broke new ground, bringing all episodes over an hour long.

3. Expensive

In this new season, practical effects were the option chosen by the Duffer brothers. So much so that the clothes of the actor who plays Vecna ​​take about 7 hours to put on and an hour to take off.

4. Villain of Villains

All monsters in the series were inspired by monsters from the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop RPG! From the Demogorgon to the Vecna, every monster in the series is named after the D&D series monster book!

5. Intertwined Destiny

That Stephen King’s work has a huge influence on the series we all realize. But the curious thing is that two years into the series Stephen himself wrote praise about the actress who plays Eleven on his twitter! According to him: “Millie Brown, the girl from INTRUDERS, is fantastic”. Did you like the news? If you liked it, don’t waste time! Download the Youcine free apk now on Smart TV or TV Box to watch this series and many others for free!

3 facts about Umbrella Academy

Emo didn't die!

1. Emo didn’t die!

Gerard Way, the creator of the Umbrella Academy comics, is none other than the lead singer of the emo band My Chemical Romance! According to the artist, the main inspiration for writing the series was his longing to read comics, which he couldn’t do very often, as he was constantly on tour.

2. Umbrella Academy

Are you the type of person who loves “Easter Eggs”? Because you knew that in “Umbrella Academy”, there is at least one in every episode. The symbol that represents the name of the series, is an umbrella, and is present throughout the series! Did you manage to find them all?

3. The Academy’s motto

On the mansion’s coat of arms we have the phrase “Ut Malum Pluvia” which means “When evil rains”, alluding to the name of the Academy! That is, when evil rains, gym members are the umbrella! I’m sure that after today’s trivia, you won’t stop accessing and downloading the free Youcine app, won’t you? You can even download it on your phone! So enjoy! Download for free also on your TV Box or even on Smart TV! And enjoy the best of national and international cinema!

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