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Aspiring teenage chef Abe brings director Fernando Grostein Andrade’s debut narrative from the beginning, a dramatic comedy with good intentions, softer, in relation to the coming-of-age theme. And who can point the finger at this young man – half Israeli, half Palestinian – for being a little confused, when he is almost always caught on both sides of his family at dinnertime, and finds himself stuck with the impossible task of diffusing the shock. of cultures?.

But luckily for him, food comes to his aid from the unlikely culinary prodigy as he learns, in the right time, how to blend the traditional flavors of the different cuisines of his ancestors and bring people together in the end result.

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All this could have been the makings of an attractive and exciting movie recipe; with moments of teaching and reflection on identity and the issue of individuality in its target. If only Brazilian filmmaker Andrade, who apparently draws from his own diverse background and multicultural upbringing to the plot (alongside his Palestinian-American screenwriters), would bring a little more impact to the output beyond the predictable. However, “Abe” – unlike the dishes that the film’s captivating cook prepares with enthusiasm and with great intelligence – is as inventive as a drink in a mason jar resulting in a harmless film centered on children.

The most parents can hope for in watching “Abe” is to awaken their children’s inner food curiosities. While Andrade’s broad film doesn’t cross the line from a political point of view, its charms could do just fine to inspire tweens and young adults to try some kitchen projects.

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The source of inspiration in this case is a lovable model, brought to life by “Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp with a lot of excitement and believable innocence. When Schnapp’s plucky Abe isn’t busy resolving conflicts between family members — including some intransigent but loving grandparents — he updates his video blog with his latest culinary endeavors, avoids bad comments online when his images are less than “mouth-watering”. ”, and even bakes her own birthday cake while her agnostic parents Rebecca (Dagmara Dominczyk) and Amir (Arian Moayed) prove too distracted to truly care.


Aiming to take his work to the next level over the coming summer months, Abe convinces his mom and dad to sign him up for a cooking camp for young cooks. Although, he very quickly realizes that these classes can’t teach him anything he can’t already master. The friendly Seu Jorge, the talented street chef Chico impressed by the precocious talent and passion of Abe, the busy master reluctantly agrees to take him on as an apprentice. But, the only issue is that Abe never shares his real whereabouts with his parents, who continue to believe that their son is in the workshop for young beginners. In a natural way the truth comes out soon enough, but not before Abe carves out the time he needs to decipher the complications of the fusion food.

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Filmed by the cinematographer of “ Cinema Paradiso ”; Blasco Giurato”; the time between Chico and Abe leaves something to be desired beyond the display of appetizing dishes. The script tries to celebrate the diverse ranges of New York City life, but unfortunately narrows down its characters through a series of clichéd traits, reducing the story’s emotional purpose to the most obvious. The movie “Abe” could have been an unforgettable meal, but its flavor is almost memorable. Stay tuned on our social networks Instagram and Youtube, we always post new attractions in movies, series, anime, cartoons and much more!. All for you to watch for free!

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