Best movies to watch in 2022 for free


Today I brought to you readers tips for the best movies of this year that you can watch for free. Those who already read our articles will remember some that I have already written here. Check out the productions below:

1. Blonde (2022), Andrew Dominik

Blonde (2022), Andrew Dominik

‘Blonde’ reimagines the disturbing life of the legendary Marilyn Monroe and discusses the high price the actress paid for fame. After having a very troubled childhood, Norma Jeane Mortenson became an actress, under the fictitious name of Marilyn Monroe. But behind the spotlight, in private life, the actress struggled with drug addiction, love problems, abuse of power and exploitation. The film is based on the book of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. A fictional biopic that reimagines the actress’ life in the 1950s and 60s.

2. Lou (2022), Anna Foerster

Lou (2022), Anna Foerster

‘Lou’ is another action-adventure movie with drama. It brings suspense and has Allison Janney in the lead role. The film is the creation of Anna Foerster who was also responsible for the series “Westworld” and “Outlander”, with a cast led by Allison Janney and Jurnee-Smollett. We see a mysterious and lonely woman who fights her ghosts when a current situation takes her back to her dark past. On a stormy night, Miss Vee is kidnapped, which makes her mother (Jurnee Smollett) enlist the help of a very mysterious neighbor (Allison Janney) to rescue her little daughter. search for the girl, terrible secrets of the two women are revealed. A walk that puts limits to the test. You can’t miss this movie, especially if you’re going to watch it for free, right? But you must be thinking: Where to watch free movies online 2022? It’s easy, just download the free Youcine apk and watch it for free on your android, iPhone and TV Box in the comfort of your home. international.

3. Der Parfumeur (2022), Nils Willbrandt

Der Parfumeur (2022), Nils Willbrandt

A chilling mystery, an indispensable production. ‘The Perfumer’ is inspired by a book by Patrick Süskind. In this film we follow a detective who is not smelling and needs to regain her sense of smell. The story focuses on Sunny and Dorian. Sunny finds it difficult to smell, while Dorian is a talented perfumer who will do anything to get the perfect scent. To get the scent he craves, he starts committing terrible crimes. Sunny does everything possible to put an end to these ambitions and tries to find him. Emilia Schüle plays the lead role as Sunny, the detective who tries to unravel Dorian’s murders. An intriguing plot full of mystery and unusual desires.

4. The Bombardment (2022), Ole Bornedal

The Bombardment (2022), Ole Bornedal

The British Royal Air Force, in March 1945, continued its mission at the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen, bombing the site. The production is based on real events and brings the horrible event during World War II in which suicide bombers accidentally end up hitting a school full of children, killing most of them, more than 120 people ended up being killed.

5. The Adam Project (2022) Shawn Levy

The Adam Project (2022) Shawn Levy

The Adam Project is release 2022. Among the cast are Ryan Reynolds and Zoe Saldaña. An adventure that mixes past and future, where Adam Reed is a boy who has just lost his father. One day, he is alone at home when his mother goes to dinner. That night he goes to the garage where he finds an injured pilot. That’s where it all starts, as this pilot is the adult version of him in the future. A universe where time travel is quite possible and Adam goes back in time to try to change the future.

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