‘Inside Man’ : Order within the confusion


“Inside Man”, means “Infiltrado”” in Portuguese – tells the story of a well-prepared and detailed bank robbery. All arranged by Dalton Russell (Clive Owen), a cold and intelligent man, who studied his plan in detail. However, the protagonist x antagonist duel takes place through detective Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington); a highly competent man who specializes in negotiating hostages, and much of the hope that everything will have a smooth end always passes through him.

Inside Man

However – and here is where the narrative motif becomes intriguing – the complexity of Dalton’s mind does not show the prospect of an easy mission for Keith. But a question that may arise is: Is Dalton promoting this robbery just to get rich, or is there a stronger motive? The answer to this question is defined at first, and the real contextualization of the film appears from this answer.

This is a film directed by Spike Lee – known for films like “BlacKkKlansman: The Departed” (2018) and “Da 5 Bloods” (2020) –, based on the screenplay by Russell Gewirtz. Focusing on the writing of this film, I praise, not only in relation to the complexity of the characters, but also how in fact they all manage to interconnect, at this or that moment, providing the viewer, in addition to an obvious experience of crime and mystery, a very strong pinch of horror film, a genre that is, in a pleasant way, what gives the best result in everything.

In addition, it is not an argument that explores subjectivity and the lack of framing, that is, all the scenes are there for a very strong reason. Everything is, in a way, connected, even if the viewer comes to realize it later. And this is without a doubt one of the great beauties of the most fearless and best-structured cinematographic works in terms of argument.

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One of the most striking messages of this production is the deep praise of resilience, a very important thing in the most decisive moments, because people and their motivations, almost always, require a context, and that we put ourselves in the place of the another to come to an understanding. On the other hand, we have very original ways to make a point, or to fulfill a goal, or even to be okay with the past.

Inside Man

At this point, ‘The Perfect Plan’ or ‘Inside Man’ can also be a very philosophical production, since it brings with it a psychoanalytic side inherent to the antagonist, and even the protagonist himself, which related to messing with emotions, words and mental enigmas elevate the narrative to a very comforting and, in fact, challenging level.

What we perceive in this film is not simply a robbery and an attempt to solve and save people: most of the key message that is conveyed in the film is found in the subtext. But when we think that the film had already given us everything and that it had died down and lost interest, we are surprised by something else, which, in addition to surprising the spectator, occurs very naturally, being realistic and expressing cinematic charm.

That said, “Inside Man” is worth watching because it gives us a rhythmic experience of sensations, thoughts and doubts. After seeing this film, we became better lovers of good arts.

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