‘Blonde’ movie may shock viewers


“Blonde” abuses and exploits the wonderful Marilyn Monroe again, as many men did during their tragic life. This may even be point x, but it creates a very crazy paradox to condemn the cruelty that the mega star endured until her death at age 36, while she also reveled in the whole situation.

And yet, writer/director Andrew Dominik’s film, based on the fictional novel by Joyce Carol Oates, remains technically impeccable, even if it might feel too long at nearly three hours in length.

Marilyn Monroe

“Blonde” is fascinating, we can say even mesmerizing, but you will probably want to look away, because this fateful display becomes too much. The shocking one was a POV shot from inside Marilyn’s vagina while she was having a forced abortion performed on her. A long, extreme close-up of a drugged-up Monroe having intimate relations with President Kennedy while he’s on the phone in a hotel room also looks gratuitous and that’s likely why the film earned a rare rating.

But did any of these things really happen? May or may not. What you need to understand is that “Blondee”; is an exploration of Marilyn Monroe’s idea. It’s as much a biopic of the movie star as “Elvis” is an Elvis Presley biopic. It covers subjects about various real and factual events such as a script from his films to his wedding. But ultimately, it’s a fantasy of fame, which increasingly becomes a landscape of hell. This is more exciting than the typical biopic that plays the biggest hits from the life of a celebrity like her in a very stereotypical way, and “Blondee” is inventive. In the end, though, this approach seems to get a little cloying.

Marilyn Monroe – or her real name Norma Jeane, as she is better called in the film – Ana de Armas is invited to cry a lot as she pulls out of her traumatic childhood for an acting class exercise. These are intense hiccups, as the accumulating weight of mental illness and addiction takes its toll. And in almost every situation, she is a ‘pawn’ figure or a victim, a fragile person looking for a father figure to love and protect her. How to watch movies on Smart TV for free? Download the Youcine free apk now and also check out series, anime and more!

Marilyn Monroe

Clearly, that’s a necessary part of it – the way Hollywood power brokers found her a pretty face and a big butt when she wanted them to consider her a serious actress and love her for her soul. She’s so captivating, amazing, gives her all in every moment; that you yearn for the role that gives you the opportunity to show more and more of Marilyn’s depth, to go deeper than the familiar clichés. She’s doing the breathy, feminine voice, though not perfectly — traces of her Cuban accent are very present — and that’s okay, given the film’s unorthodox approach.

More importantly, she captures Monroe’s ‘spirit’, and often resembles her. Following the supporting highlights in films like “ Knives Out” and “ No Time to Die” and others, here is finally the lead role, which shows everything she can do. She is so good and wonderful that it makes you want the role to rise to her level.

We are immediately on the edge. It’s Los Angeles; 1933, and young Norma Jeane (a touching Lily Fisher) is suffering horrific physical and emotional abuse from her hyperverbal mother (Julianne Nicholson, great).

Dominik (“The Murder of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”) proclaims his restless style from the get-go – leaping from high-contrast black and white to rich Technicolor and a host of other proportions. Sometimes the color palette is faded, as if we are looking at Marilyn in a photograph from a long time ago, and other techniques are used to indicate her inner state of confusion.

But a lot of this production is about men chewing, using Marilyn and spitting her back out. A studio executive known only as “Mr. Z” – presumably as in Zanuck – rapes her when she visits her office over a paper. New York Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio (Bobby Cannavale) seems like a decent husband in a suit until he becomes more than controlling, he becomes violent. Her next husband, playwright Arthur Miller (a discreet Adrien Brody), is patient and very kind but emotionally detached – but when Marilyn marries him, anxiety, drinking and pills have destroyed her so badly that no one could have helped. Do you want to watch series and movies for free? Then download Youcine free apk on your cell phone, Iphone, TV Box or Smart TVLG and enjoy!

Lack of Father Figure

She calls these men “Daddy” in the longing that they function in place of the father she never knew, but she desperately wanted, but in the end, they all let her down. As for the film’s graphic moments – including one from the perspective of an airplane toilet, as if Marilyn is spewing pills and champagne at us – one might ask: what’s the point? Just to shock? This is not something new.

After a while everything becomes a little repetitive that this pop culture moment becomes numb and we end up getting tired of this true spectacle. This may even be director Dominik’s intention, but we shouldn’t get tired of it.

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