Best thriller movies to watch


If you don’t want to get a little tense, nervous, and have a few scares when watching a movie, then this list is for you. These productions that you will be able to watch for free, will leave you on the edge of your seat. They say that releasing high doses of adrenaline makes your muscles relax you know? It is true. So let’s go to the highlights, prepare your popcorn, call your friends and enjoy!

1. The Wrath of God

The Wrath of God

The girl Luciana faces a series of mysterious deaths in her family, which haunt her more and more, while the enigmatic writer she worked for observes everything in a horrified and very suspicious way. In a desperate attempt to save her only remaining living relative, she must race against the clock to uncover the truth and end the killing once and for all.

2. Spiderhead


In an innovative penitentiary run by sensational visionary Steve Abnesti, prisoners use a surgically implanted device that administers doses of mind-altering drugs. For serving as guinea pigs, your sentence is reduced. In Spiderhead, there are no cells, much less uniform, the volunteer prisoners can be themselves… until they change completely. Sometimes for a better version. Need to relax? There’s a drug that does that. Don’t know what to do or say? There is also a drug that can solve it. But when prisoners Jeff and Lizzy form a bond, their journey towards redemption takes a turn for the worse as Abnesti’s experiments begin to test the limits of free will.

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3. Windfall


A man breaks into the home of a tech billionaire, who is on a vacation with his wife. Everything goes terribly wrong when the boastful tycoon and his wife decide to return early and discover they are being robbed. You know where to watch full dubbed free movies, don’t you? Then download the Youcine free apk to your mobile or Smart TVLG and check out many movies, series, anime and more!

4. Photocopier


A first-year computer student named Sur befriends members of the campus theater company, whom she truly believes she can trust. Until one day, after a party, Sur wakes up with the feeling that she has been drugged and has no memory of what happened the night before. Suspicions are that one of her friends has taken advantage of her trust. Using his computer skills, Sur then decides to seek the truth about what really happened.

5. Munich: The Edge of War

Munich: The Edge of War

In 1938, during the Munich Conference, European leaders make an attempt to stop Adolf Hitler from invading Czechoslovakia and starting another global conflict. British civil servant Hugh Legat and German diplomat Paul von Hartmann travel to Munich to attend the meeting. They are quickly tasked with a very different mission, which aims to reveal to world leaders, including UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, a confidential document that proves Hitler’s plans to expand German territory. The hope is that Chamberlain does not go ahead with the plan to give the Sudetenland to the German head of state. How to watch movies over the internet on Smart TV? It’s simple, just download the Youcine free apk on your TV Box, Iphone, Smart TV or android and check out the best of cinema!

6. Operation Mincemeat

Operation Mincemeat

During World War II, Allied forces prepare to take Sicily from the south coast. However, the Nazis discover the plans. Intelligence officers Ewe Montagu and Charles Cholmondelcy are called in to devise a strategy to confuse Hitler’s soldiers and make them believe that the Allied forces’ target is, in fact, Greece. The film is inspired by a true story.

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