Devotion – Jonathan Majors, Joe Jonas and Glen Powell in a Reality ‘Top Gun’ Dramatic


Who has never heard and seen war stories?. There are many. But the fact is that for some time now, these stories have started to change. Whether it was the profile of the hero or that of the winner, even questioning these nicknames given to people and situations that, many times, did not deserve them. On other occasions, the deeds simply did not reach the public, for various reasons. One of these stories you can watch in ‘Devotion’.

Top Gun


Tom Hudner (Glen Powell) is transferred to a US Navy base, where he meets Ward (Joseph Cross), Buddy (Boone Platt), Mohring (Nick Hardgrove), Bo Lavery (Spencer Neville), Goode (Joe Jonas), Koening (Daren Kagasoff) and the introverted Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors), the only black pilot in the squadron in the 1960s. It was just routine training, but the group ends up being sent to the other side of the world, in an effort by Washington to become ally with South Korea in the war against North Korea. During this period, Hudner will learn that war, the navy and the rules impact Jesse Brown’s life in a different way than he himself had lived in his experience. And that what makes men heroes goes far beyond wars.

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Top Gun

J. D. Dillard (from ‘The Outsider’) is very long, being two hours. But from one part of the film, the scenes are very immersive, so the viewer who likes films like ‘Top Gun: Aces Indomitable’, ‘Con Air’ will be well contemplated with the flight sequences in the air; however, until these occur, the film does not engage viewers very much. With Joe Jonas in his first serious film of his career, ‘Devotion’ is worth the action scenes.

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Free movie recommendation based on true events

1. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind(2014)

Top Gun

William Kamkwamba (Maxwell Simba), was an extremely intelligent, self-taught boy who discovered a method of creating wind energy in the dry lands of Malawi, in order to ensure the irrigation of crops and the survival of a very hungry population. The director of this production is Chiwetel Ejiofor, he made this case, which is real, an example of the importance of studies, ecology, humanitarian policies and how to know how to live well in a community.

The boy does not represent himself, but a much bigger target: the importance of schools, union, the fight against oppression, etc… . Therefore, the plot talks about a treatise on moral values. It is also about the need for information, aiming to explain to European and American eyes the consequences of poverty and corruption in African countries.

The film also shows the country’s folklore, different languages and typical customs, while portraying itself as the kind generation, but trapped by the difficulty of accessing information. This is a political film, even if politics is understood less as a set of social practices – the corrupt governor is in the background . The author of the film shows that anyone can become a promising engineer like the main character, with his effort. The director shows each scene with humanism and empathy, and also addresses the theme of the importance of women within social transformations.

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