Documentary ‘Ronaldo’ is thrilling


Watching a defeat of the Real Madrid team, or even of Portugal, is watching Cristiano Ronaldo having fits of nerves. The excellent player self-mutilates for having missed goals, and does not hesitate to get angry when his teammates do not pass him the ball. The Portuguese player’s will to win is so strong that he admits in his documentary that he “wants to live like a king”.

The feature – Ronaldo, directed by Anthony Wonke, tells the personal life of Ronaldo, specifically his relationship with his son, his mother Maria Dolores, and his agent Jorge Mendes. Filmed over 14 months, the documentary shows a period of the guy’s victory, in which he won the most important soccer club tournament in the world, the UEFA Chanpions League, and won the coveted award for best player on the planet, FIFA’s Ballon D’Or.


But, in reality the documentary is a journey into Ronaldo’s “I”. It was narrated by himself, and he talks about all his professional and personal motivations, and so for 90 minutes we hear several of the same phrases: “I fight to be the best”; “I want to be the best”, among many others. By the way, this dedication to being the best and recognized is reflected in the games he plays with his own small son, which involve push-ups and also abdominal exercises.

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Family and Friends

Ronaldo does not limit his speeches talking about how important his family and friends are. As a result of an unwanted pregnancy, he jokes that his mother didn’t want him, but nowadays he helps everyone. And if his mother didn’t want him, today she shows enormous affection, and the closeness between the two is visible. Some images reveal Maria Dolores’ good anxiety when watching her son’s games on the small screen, and this anxiety results in emotional moments of tears.

But, the most sensitive moment of the documentary occurs when the star remembers her father, José Aveiro, who passed away 10 years ago.

Perhaps the defining scene of this documentary is the one where Jorge Mendes, at a dinner with Ronaldo’s family, gives a rousing speech about how the player is “family”, the best star of all time is a wonderful person: Ronaldo’s person speaks all the time through the words of the player, his mother, his agent, his son, and the images that Cristiano Ronaldo is all that, and the viewer leaves this production with the idea that – apart from being “the best player of all time” – he truly is much more than that.



In the cast of the documentary ‘Ronaldo’ are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Dolores Aveiro, Jorge Mendes and Hugo Aveiro.

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Raquel Alvarez, Alice Cady, Christopher Pencakowski, and Michael Saxton produced this documentary.

World Cup Match Results

  • Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon
  • Uruguay 0 x 0 South Korea
  • Portugal 3-2 Ghana
  • Brazil 2 x 0 Serbia
  • Schedule for the next matches

26/11/2022 :

  • Tunisia-Australia – 7:00
  • Poland – Saudi Arabia – 10:00
  • France – Denmark- 13:00
  • Argentina-Mexico- 16:00


  • Japan – Costa Rica- 7:00
  • Belgium – Morocco- 10:00
  • Croatia – Canada 13:00
  • Spain-Germany – 7:00


  • Cameroon vs Serbia- 7:00
  • South Korea – Ghana – 10:00
  • Brazil – Switzerland 13:00
  • Portugal vs Uruguay – 16:00

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