“Empire of Light” addresses issues relevant to moviegoers


“Empire Of Light”, or in Portuguese “Empire of Light” is the latest film by Sam Mendes, it is a drama from the 1980s, set in an old movie house by the sea. Mendes commented on this as a tribute to his mother, who suffered from a mental illness. The result is a period melodrama, but some things remained, in my view, a little without much success, such as an incompatible novel and a type of romantic letter to the cinema.

The character Hilary (Olivia Colman), is a cinema worker indifferent to everything, she is involved in an extramarital affair with the manager (Colin Firth) that suffocates, and it is unromantic, for sure. In the course, it is discovered that Hilary has had a history of mental health problems and moves around the world full of antidepressants. No doubt it’s another fantastic performance by Colman.

Empire of Light

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Then along comes Stephen (Micheal Ward), who sheds a little light on Hilary’s dark existence. Even though he’s a maniacal “dream dream” kind of boy – he nurses a pigeon back to health, a metaphor as subtle as a punch in the face – and feels awkward as a means of teaching Racism 101 to characters. whites who are innocent, he is at least played by Ward with a lot of charisma. It’s an impressive calling card for future starring roles.

Sometimes, cinema seems like a background character, a helpful element placed in front of a mere facade. For a cinematic love letter the characters seem pretty uninterested in the movies being shown.

Empire of Light

Design, production and others

With Roger Deakins’ very skilful cinematography and Mark Tildesley’s period-accurate production design, Mendes depicts a very specific time and place that will be familiar to Britons of a certain age group: a time of economic pessimism, curtains of era. The filmmakers find a strange beauty in this desolation, particularly in the old-world nobility of the cinema itself: two of the screens are closed, look doomed, and Hilary and Stephen then forge a romance hidden in an empty ballroom that is made to look like a treasure. of lost time.

Despite some issues, this production is really worth watching, even more so if it’s free, isn’t it? So, enjoy downloading it right now on your Fire Stick TV, Smart TV or TV Box and check out the best of cinema in the Youcine apk! There’s always free news for you!

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