The nutty boy Review – Season 1


Are there any cartoons that we watched in our childhood that really left an impression on us? The nutty boy was definitely part of this list. And maybe his kids haven’t watched it yet, so I’m going to write about that season 1 in this article.

This series contains 9 episodes and is based on the classic children’s literature from the 80’s written by Ziraldo, the story shows the ten-year-old boy who thinks outside the box and loves to involve everyone in his adventures – even if they don’t exit as planned.

Maluquinho’s life has just changed completely: his parents got divorced. As her mother got a job in a new city, her father moved there as well to be close to them. Now, Maluquinho is not only in a whole new world, but splits his time between his parents’ two homes. Used to the more confined life in a big city, he is now free to roam the streets and explore alone or with his amazing new group of friends.

With very contemporary themes, this adaptation is very fun, capable of pleasing not only fans of the boy with the pot on his head, but even creating a new generation of fans. Therefore, present this drawing to your child.

The nutty boy Review

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The often messy story brings great teachings about friendship and family, in a light and natural way. It also addresses the importance of facing your fears, helping others, taking responsibility and facing the consequences – all with a lot of playfulness and the fertile, spontaneous and limitless imagination that we already know from Maluquinho. The boy is amazing, selfless, mischievous and with zero fragile masculinity. He never has a bad time to get into trouble or to help his friends, since he sees the world around him as a springboard to enjoy new adventures – and even makes us reflect on changing some issues.

For those who don’t know, O Menino Maluquinho has more than 10 countries that have sold more than 4 million copies of published books, so the series comes not only to honor the cartoonist Ziraldo but also to remember in the affective memory of all Brazilians this production, which since the 80’s enchant with the character.

The voice cast is guided by Marcus Pejon (Maluquinho) and Carol Roberto (Julieta), it’s too good. The animation itself is impeccable, full of colors and very good elements.

The nutty boy Review

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The nutty boy Review

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The nutty boy Review

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