“Entergalatic”: Beautiful and Smart, a true work of art


Scott’s “Entergalactic”; It’s a bit tricky to classify. It is billed as an animated story. It lasts 92 minutes and is divided into sections – they appear as chapter titles -.

  “Entergalactic” lacks many things that make up and characterize a production like “movie” style. There is a story, following the singular footsteps of a novel. But, there’s not enough action to classify it’s exposition-driven.

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Nor is it a guided character study. Kid Cudi like Jabari doesn’t have complete motivations or experience any kind of deep growth. Neither does his yearning for Meadow, voiced by Jessica Williams. Williams and Mescudi act admirably, as do their supporting cast members with amusing parts from notable voices such as Macaulay Culkin as Downtown Pat, sharing his (lack of) wisdom in love with Jabari, Jimmy (Timothée Chalamet) and Jordan (Jaden Smith).

And it’s at the vibe level that these characters stay, and that’s okay because “Entergalactic” completely works that way. It might not be a full movie or TV show, but it is indeed more than a music video. It is an experimental form, using story and characters to present an art collage that engages multiple senses.

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The animation is impressive, showing a mixture of comics and street art. And it is exactly this look that reflects the vision, the focus of the world; of our protagonist as a graffiti muralist turned comic book creator. So, in this anime, we are seeing the world through their “eyes”, with traces of other artists’ perspectives. The production is full of them: Meadow is a photographer, and one of the main plot points revolves around a “show” she is doing.

Important topics covered in this anime

“Entergalactic” is unapologetically black. In his comic book work, Jabari is disbelieving the light-skinned Puerto Rican Len (Arturo Castro), who tries to make a common bond with him, even when his group of friends covers his view of human skin tones.

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And also in genre type, “Entergalactic” shows and asserts a point in progressive vision. Both Jabari and Meadow are flawed, dynamic people who need to compromise and grow in order to find happiness – both are equally human. Digging deeper into this feminist perspective, Jabari tells her friend Ky (Ty Dolla $ign), “Stop saying bitches,” modeling what healthy masculinity looks like when no female eye is seeing. And in a scene that proves to be true to his experience as a brother, Jabari asks his sister Ellie (Maisha Mescudi) for love advice. She gives directly – bringing just the right mix of knowledge about women, and the way the world works on this issue.

Kid Cudi Career

Kid Cudi has made his career in music, fashion, and pop culture in general — for a reason. These songs capture the highs and lows of romance and the quest for identity. That is, this production is the type of music in which any human being can identify. So, I like this anime too. “Entergalactic” is reminiscent, beautiful, and intelligent classified as a work of art. Just don’t approach it like a TV show. You won’t miss the opportunity to watch this anime, will you? Enjoy that you can watch it for free! Download the Youcine app! Don’t waste time!

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