“Unstable” is a fun and dramatic on-the-job comedy


Unstable is a comedy-drama on the -Netflix- service location that centers on a bad but satisfying relationship between Ellis Dragon, a brilliant, well-respected, and well….a little….narcissistic biotech capitalist, and his Jackson son.

The death of Ellis’ partner, Katie, throws the CEO of Dragon Biotech into a real crisis. The closest friend Ellis seems to have, Dragon CFO Anna Bennett, decides to extend an invitation to Jackson shortly after discovering that some members of the company’s board want Ellis removed.

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This comedy has parts that border on science fiction, but at its core it’s a show about loss, being psychologically well, and having a good parent-child bond. Ellis’ father, who runs a cutting-edge biological research facility, is naturally awkward and self-centered, while his son Jackson is socially awkward.

  Ellis Dragon and Jackson Dragon are played by actors Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe, who are father and son in reality. Reportedly, the trolling of Rob Lowe’s beloved son served as an inspiration for the show, which is pretty interesting.

  Many may even think that it is a boring and binge-worthy comedy series, with moments that give you a good laugh. But we end up with a hilarious, well-written comedy show that is thoroughly entertaining. And without a doubt, it’s harder to make the audience laugh than cry.

The central protagonist is unstable, as is in the title of this article, and that will make viewers laugh. Aside from that, the supporting cast members are characters and hilarious in their own ways, enhancing the storyline with depth and humor.

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This production is cheerful and very nice to watch. Even if the plot is not very interesting, the humor is great. This is a comedy at the service place; the central protagonist is top-notch and brilliant, and the supporting cast is also eccentric.

The plot involving Jackson and Ruby is quite strange. Even for a production like this, Jackson giving his best friend Luna a kiss, and Ruby encouraging “for when they broke up,” is weird.

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The season ends with a bang, truly and figuratively, watch to understand. Most of the loose threads are taken care of when she’s done, but there’s still room for more.

  John Owen Lowee Rob, who plays the main character, does an excellent job. Also, watching Sian Clifford, Rachel Marsch, and Aaron Branch is a real treat.

“Unstable” is really worth watching. The episodes are short -20 minutes- and fun. The series has both dramatic and comedic elements. Although the plot is not very pleasing, the humor and the charismatic and engaging characters make up for it. This is a production that you cannot miss! Especially if you’re looking for a light comedy.

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