‘Friends with Money’ tackles middle-class couples’ themes


I believe that the director of the movie “Friends with Money”, Nicole Holofcener, did not have great problems bringing the theme of adult relationships in this film, after all, she is already used to talking about it through the direction of several episodes in shows. television shows, such as “Gilmore Girls”. She brought in a fantastic cast in “Friends with Money” to bring this theme to the big screen.

Friends with Money

The film, which mixes drama and comedy, even resorting to some clichés, is highly recommended for those who like or are interested in the subject.


The production addresses the subject of the North American middle class. A common portrait, but it hits the target of reality: human beings with problems, sometimes having several arguments between friends or couples. The film shows that it wants to analyze the middle class, but it really serves to amuse the viewer. The conflicts given by the script, written by the director herself, are predictable and quite obvious, but the conversations and situations presented in it draw attention.

A nice issue is that not all stories have final resolution. Although it seems to be a very easy way out for the film, failing to answer some questions posed suits real life, that is, so is real life, and this makes the audience appreciate the feature.


The performances are competent, but one of them is a bit burlesque. The movie doesn’t have a big star. The cast acts obeying a proposed combination of the beginning of the film, the entertainment. The “bulersco” is up to Marty (Bob Stephenson), who has an end to the plot that, if it were in real life, would probably happen the other way around.


The narrative flows well. The characters arouse the audience’s interest right from the beginning of the plot. From there, the proposed theme is deepened. However, as the film’s time is short, the characters cannot show much of their own development, which is a negative point.

Friends with Money

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5 facts about Jurassic Park

Eschatological Curiosities

1. Eschatological Curiosities

Triceratops feces were made from a mixture of clay, straw and mud, plus honey and papaya to attract flies.

2. Sound of Dinosaurs

The T-Rex’s roar was a mix of the sounds of several different animals such as dogs, penguins, tigers, alligators and elephants. The sounds of Velociraptor were formed from the union of the sounds of turtles copulating, the sounds of geese and horses.

3. Robots

The animals are not just special effects, they are animatronic dolls, which brought more image veracity in the interaction between dinosaurs and humans.

4. T-Rex and its Bugs

Due to the rains, the T-Rex started to malfunction. Producer Kathleen Kennedy recalls that the situation scared the team at first, and later they realized it was because of the rain.

5. Before

However, this was not always the case, before opting to use CGI and animatronic puppets, Steven Spielberg, director of the 1993 film, considered using stop motion to represent the dinosaurs. Did you like the trivia? Access more information on our Instagram: youcine_brasil. There’s a lot of good information there! And if you are passionate about cinema, take the opportunity to download the Youcine apk for free! There you can find free series and movies. Don’t miss out!

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