Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: A good farewell, a new beginning


Guardians of the Galaxy: Unique protagonist – a raccoon called Rocket

In all superhero films, it is easy to fall into a whirlpool of sameness and repetition. Guardians of the Galaxy 3, in which the logic of the plot remains unchanged in the case of “heroes saving the world”, and changes in the characterisation of the characters are Marvel’s recipe for constant stimulation of the market: the appearance of the noble and extraordinary Captain America, the absurd Spider-Man as a high school student, the unemployed and divorced middle-aged man Ant-Man, and the hero of the profanity-laden Deadpool.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Although Marvel fans would remember Rocket as a venomous, intelligent and fair raccoon, he also has a bittersweet past, with the previous film featuring the signs of surgery on his back and his habit of collecting prosthetics, mysteries that are all answered in this film.

Raccoon, number 89P13, is one of the products of an organisation that forcibly modifies animals in an attempt to produce more advanced creatures. During his years in prison, Raccoon meets otters, rabbits and rhinos, all of whom have fallen out of favour, and together they play games and think about flying through the sky – hence the name Rocket. The name “Rocket” is derived from this fact.

Rocket was transformed to have an extraordinary intellectual level. When he discovers that the villain is just one of a batch of 89 animals transformed as handicapped, he is determined to get his partners to free themselves.

Unfortunately, in carrying out the plan, the partners fell one by one, leaving Rocket alone to escape from the sky. The death of his partners has become a demon in Rocket’s mind, and he blames himself for all his mistakes, arming himself with “venom” and “indifference”, making jokes about very painful things, and has always been a bad boy wandering the universe with few principles before meeting the members of the guard.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The director shows the complexity of the character Rocket, a raccoon who spends the first half of his life trying to survive with the obsessions of his deceased friends, and the second half of his life taking on more responsibilities to protect the galaxy with his new friends.

Rocket’s backstory is about “freedom” and “friendship”, and the wrapper for this is a “cuddly pet narrative” and, as Marvel’s parent company Disney is wont to do, the audience sees a human being in a furry animal. As Marvel’s parent company, Disney, has always done, audiences can see the humanity in furry animals and get emotional about the poor, resilient little creatures.

The core of the story: like a family bond that touches people’s hearts

The first Guardians of the Galaxy series was born in 2014 and is the key to the layout of Marvel’s “space story line” in the second phase. Unlike Iron Man’s kind of individual heroism, Guardians of the Galaxy has a strong atmosphere of “anti-conventional superheroic storytelling” from the start.

The team leader is an earthling with few superpowers who plunders and steals from the stars. The other members of the team are a dangerous woman with excellent martial arts skills, a raccoon with a violent temper, a Destroyer with a short fuse, a Mantis with horns on its head and Gerrant, a tree that can only speak one sentence from start to finish.

The team’s style is bound to be strange, as they come from different planets, different races and even different species, but the combination of “freaks” also gives the scriptwriters unlimited imagination, pushing the narrative boundaries of superhero films.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Perhaps the appearance of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” is not surprising, but the identity of these people, who are in interstellar wandering solitude, are all strong and independent, do not want to talk about the body of the heavy past, they meet in the vastness of the stars by mistake, establish a bond and become a family willing to pay for everything with each other. A family willing to give everything to each other.

The opening of “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”, with the Raccoon on the verge of death because of an accident, the other members of the team, without saying a word on the ship, set off directly to save people, and the motivation of all the characters is simple and pure: save the life of my dear family.

If for Marvel fans the other superheroes are a reverence, for Guardians of the Galaxy it’s a sense of belonging, the audience has watched this team establish itself, watched each character grow, watched them become the soul of each other’s harbour, as if they too had found their own soul in the vast universe of the existence of the meaning of.

The final chapter of the series: how to reach a final conclusion?

In December last year, Marvel released Guardians of the Galaxy: Christmas Special, which told the story of the members kidnapping stars from Earth to give to Quill as a Christmas present, presenting the squadron members’ affection for each other as a family, with gentle touches.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Treehugger, who has never been able to say anything other than “I am Groot”, says “I love you”, which the director explains doesn’t mean that. The director explains that this doesn’t mean that Groot has learnt English, but that the audience, which has been following the series for nine years, has become part of the Guardians of the Galaxy family and really understands Groot’s language.

The film broke the fourth wall between the audience and the characters with the Treehugger, allowing all fans to have a tangible feeling of belonging to the Guardians of the Galaxy family. After leaving the cinema, fans have been looking for the “emotional eggs” hidden in the details and continue to be touched by the film through social media.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is the final chapter in the series, and the director himself announced right at the start that he would be taking his talents to DC Comics, so while the film is full of emotions, it also completely breaks with the audience: Quill returns to Earth to look for the love he once lost, Gamora doesn’t choose to stay. tv express is also available for film viewing.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Mantis wants to see the world, the Destroyer takes on a more important responsibility and Rocket Raccoon becomes the new captain, leading the new Guardians of the Galaxy to start a new family. Leading the new Guardians of the Galaxy on their own journey of guardianship. For many Marvel fans, this farewell is like a sequel to Avengers 4, which ended the primary phase of the Marvel Universe and brought down the curtain on a generation of young people.

Romantic” is the perfect word to describe the farewell episode of the Guardians of the Galaxy series. The members are all travellers with complicated backgrounds and walk alone, but they accidentally bonded with each other and shared a bond of love on one adventure after another, and then went on to find a new value in life with each other’s blessings. Life’s journey is always accompanied by farewell, the station and the disembarkation will usher in a new chapter, the end of the song, but also a happy ending.

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