“Mission: Impossible “: The complexity is far higher than that of the previous game.


“Mission: Impossible “: The classic IP has been popular for 27 years, and the sentiment remains undying to awaken the memories of movie fans

In the history of global movies, there are very few that can maintain a high level of a series of movies from beginning to end. And a long-lived series like “Mission: Impossible” can still guarantee the high quality of the film more than 20 years after its birth, which is the best in the world.

Of course, its success is inseparable from the hard work of Tom Cruise, who is both the leading actor and producer. As a veteran superstar in the world, he is actually willing to challenge human limits again and again for the sake of film quality. This spirit is awe-inspiring.

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Mission: Impossible

“Mission: Impossible”: Breaking through the limits and challenging the new “impossible” extreme adventurous spirit is admirable

Therefore, the release of every “Mission: Impossible” movie has become a testimony that Tom Cruise has exceeded his limits. But everything has two sides. If he wants the series to continue, Tom Cruise must drag his sixty-year-old body and constantly challenge the impossible, otherwise it will be difficult to stimulate the audience. In addition, the audience’s expectations for extreme action have greatly overshadowed the film’s ingenious plot design, which is exactly the magic weapon at the beginning of the series. I believe this must not be the original intention of the creators represented by Tom Cruise.

Mission: Impossible

In order to bring the most intuitive and realistic viewing experience to the audience, the movie “Mission: Impossible: Reckoning (Part 1)” inherits the consistent live-action style of the “Mission: Impossible” series. Tom Cruise and other main creators When faced with thrilling and ultra-difficult shooting scenes, we always insist on using real people, using real shots to compete with the digital sense brought by special effects, and at the same time, we also sincerely respond to the expectations of every movie fan.

Whether it’s the “scalp-numbing” 1,200-meter cliff speeding, the extreme speed parachute with a speed exceeding 80 kilometers per hour, or various personal fights and other plot content, it will definitely bring the most exciting and explosive movie scenes to the audience this summer!

On-site shooting realizes global cloud tourism, grand scenes provide a feast for the senses

What is gratifying is that the creators of “Mission: Impossible: Reckoning (Part 1)” have made a bold attempt to rejuvenate the series. The grand and shocking real-life scenes have always been one of the biggest highlights of the “Mission: Impossible” movie series. This time, in order to continue to enrich the story content of the film, it also aims to bring a stronger visual impact to the audience. The entire crew traveled to many countries and cities for on-site shooting.

From Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to Italy, the United Kingdom, Norway, etc. in Europe, Tom Cruise and the IMF team not only rode horses and guns through the sky of yellow sand, raced against time to run through the narrow alleys of the water city, but also escaped from fatal crashes to the extreme. …..Such a variety of spectacles and beautiful scenery are integrated into the overwhelming real-shot action scenes, which has attracted repeated applause from the audience!

Mission: Impossible

The film boldly uses artificial intelligence as the villain, making the plot suddenly confusing. It is difficult to distinguish between good and bad, and it is difficult to distinguish between friend and foe. The plot mainly revolves around the intelligence agencies of various countries and various forces around the world fighting for two keys to control artificial intelligence that can change the world structure.

 Artificial intelligence is like the Lord of the Rings in “The Lord of the Rings”, confusing everyone’s will. It is like a mirror that magnifies the dark side of human nature. In order to prevent the protagonist from being destroyed, the artificial intelligence itself is constantly causing trouble for the protagonist, causing the teamwork of the IMF team to lose its due capabilities.

The shocking villain’s first appearance is so close to reality that it’s “hair-raising”

The film finally breaks away from the inherent pattern of the series, that is, no matter how difficult the task is, the protagonist’s team can escape the danger in a thrilling way without worrying about their personal safety. The biggest villain hidden behind Gabriel has finally revealed his true identity.

He is mysterious and is actually the most popular artificial intelligence nowadays! The movie cleverly integrates reality and art, wrapping a thought-provoking value core with exciting action movies. Do people create technology, or are they subtly dominated by technology?

Although “Mission: Impossible: Reckoning (Part 1)” has put a lot of effort into the plot and accounts for a large proportion of the film, it does not mean that the film will be dull and boring. On the contrary, this film has rich commercial elements, setting a record for the series. The film combines action, suspense, science fiction, thrills, comedy, etc.

It is definitely worthy of the title of top blockbuster in terms of entertainment. However, although too many elements can easily cause confusion and fragmentation in the plot, fortunately, this film uses each element very restrained and cautiously. It won’t become a different movie like “The Fast and the Furious”. In short, while serving the plot, the film achieves the perfect combination of entertainment and depth to the greatest extent.

Mission: Impossible

Another highlight of the film “Mission: Impossible: Reckoning (Part 1)” that must be mentioned is the four spy girls with their own characteristics, beauty and intelligence. The brave and scheming Ilsa, the femme fatale White Widow, and two important new members, the glamorous thief Grace and the cold-blooded killer Paris.You can also watch videos on tv express.

The four characters are all well played, with flesh and blood and rich layers, and they are not pure tool people. Particularly outstanding is Grace, played by Hayley Atwell, who came from Marvel to “Captain Girlfriend Carter”. In this film, she presented many roles such as sophistry, wit and humor, grief and regret, and difficult choices. A wonderful performance on many levels. Considered the best spy girl in the series.

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