‘Iron Chef : Brasil’- Culinary Reality Show entertains and excites


Do you like cooking shows? If you like it, I have a special tip for you. Presented by Fernanda Souza and chef Andressa Cabral, the first season of the attraction is already on the Youcine free apk to watch.

‘Iron Chef Brasil’ brings a common competition, but with a difference: chefs very well established in their careers versus great chefs, but who are still in the quest for success. Therefore, I believe that the program brings a very interesting differential.

The Reality Show is a production that not only brings an experience of delving into the world of gastronomy, mainly Brazilian, but can also help inspire new chefs. In addition, reality brings this in fun and also exciting moments.

Iron Chef : Brasil

With the help of famous guests and relaxed presenters, the program entertains in the same proportion as it brings knowledge of the beautiful area of cuisine. Another different thing about the series is in relation to competition, is that ‘Iron Chef Brasil ‘ brings a duel to each episode instead of keeping the same participants facing each other over the course of several days.

Therefore, without a doubt, the gastronomy and competition program is a great addition to the catalog of reality shows that are available to you on the free Youcine app and also of Brazilian productions. ‘Iron Chef Brasil’ shows its value with lots of good food, information, fun and emotion. If you liked this article, but you don’t know how to watch free series and movies on iphone, download the Youcine free apk and check it out for free!

The seven best cooking series for you to watch

1. The Final Table- Season 1

It is a gastronomy competition in general, the series ‘The Final Table’ has only one season, it brings together teams of great chefs from around the world to create dishes from nine different countries, with the mission to please the very demanding palate of the judges.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

2. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The series ‘Coffee, Lunch and Dinner’, which also has only one season, comes with a different proposal: chef David Chang invites some celebrities from the United States to explore their curiosity in the field of gastronomy, getting on the road with them behind not only food, but also different identities and cultures.

3. A Origem do Sabor

For those of you who like to travel and discover new flavors in different cultures and traditions, the tip is the series ‘The Origin of Flavor’. In two seasons, Yang travels around China and learns new stories of people who create dishes with a lot of flavor and a dash of memory.

4. Midnight Diner 1

‘Midnight Diner 1’ is not a reality show, but the story of a restaurant on a corner of Tokyo that opens only at midnight, is willing to cook anything the customer asks for. Each episode has a different story.

The Chef Show

5. The Chef Show

In the series ‘The Chef Show’, Jon Favreau, who is a director, writer and culinary acquaintance, explores the world of food alongside Chef Roy Choi, meeting new dishes and other excellent chefs. There are three seasons for you to marathon in your free Youcine apk. Just download it on android, Iphone, TV Box or Smart TV and watch everything for free!

6. Nailed It!

Get ready to have a good laugh watching ‘Mandou Bem’ , the Netflix original series – but which is free in the Youcine free apk – that shows how difficult it is to have talent for the bakery. In each episode, amateur bakers try to reproduce copies of perfect cakes, made by professionals. However, the result is a complete disaster! ‘Mandou Bem ’ is now four seasons old.

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