Recurrences set the pace for ‘The Walking Dead’ series


After eleven years, the final season of the series ‘ The Walking Dead ‘ kicked off in 2021. Facing many setbacks over the years, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse continue to try to create a safe and sustainable community, but whenever things seem to indicate improvement, a new threat arrives to end it all.

The first part of the final season introduced the ‘Reapers’, a group of ex-military men who took aim at the survivors. As if it wasn’t enough to have training and heavy weaponry, they were also religious fanatics, believing they were chosen by God to survive, to the detriment of others. The Reapers inflicted heavy losses, but their account ended early in the second part of the season.

The Walking Dead

No sooner had the Reapers left the scene than another community arrived to mess with the status quo. In fact, Commonwealth is a union of several communities, forming a new civilization with more than 50 thousand inhabitants. In Commonwealth control, it seems the world has never experienced an apocalypse: people work as normal, the economy goes its way well, but it soon becomes apparent, the rich seem to be taking advantage of the less fortunate.

Commonwealth contacts Daryl (Norman Reedus), Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and another community, Alexandria, in order to team up. The characters are divided, but conflict seems inevitable, with evidence from six months in the future revealing a dispute between some of the show’s protagonists.

Even though it follows the well-worn formula of the new community that arrives bringing problems, Commonwealth is a little different from the others in the series, first of all because of its size. If turned into an enemy, it would prove to be an opponent almost impossible to defeat. But what weighs most in the Commonwealth structure is portraying a more or less normal world, with many positives and negatives, highlighting social and economic differences in a narration that represents real life.

The makeup, the fights and the special effects of the zombies, are still very well done. The problem in fact is that all this has become very tedious after so many years showing the same things happening.
A good part of the cast has left, and few new characters are well developed, resulting in a cast that does not empathize with the audience.

The Walking Dead

With the end very close, ‘The Walking Dead’ still has some questions a little unresolved, the main ones are: the disappearance of two of the most important characters: Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Rick nearly died in season nine when he was taken away by a very mysterious group, unbeknownst to his peers, who were believing him to have died. Which app to watch series for free? Youcine! Download on your android or TV Box and enjoy the best of national and international cinema with many series and movies.

Zombie World Growing

As much as ‘The Walking Dead’ shows signs of some wear and tear, it still has many, many fans, who will not be put off by the end of the series. Also in 2015, Fear the Walking Dead was released, a spin-off series that shows another group of survivors, but starting in the early days of the pandemic that caused the zombie apocalypse. The show is still on the air, with no end in sight, with several appearances by characters from the main series. You can check out both ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ for free by downloading Youcine free apk on your mobile, TV Box or Smart TV.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond ran for two seasons between 2020 and 2021, featuring a group of teenagers who have lived in safety for ten years but now have to venture into a world overrun by the undead for the first time.

Whatever the end of The Walking Dead, two characters have their survival: Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride) will have their own spin-off series in 2023, according to reports from websites.

Anyway, ‘The Walking Dead’ may be at an end, but the saga of this world of constant struggle for survival proves to have a continuation for at least a few more years.

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