Lightyear dribbles the audience’s coldness through the heart


Right at the beginning of the movie, the viewer already knows what to expect from this production by Jane Austen-which is in the Youcine free apk. In one of the parts, Lady Russsell (Nikki Amuka-Bird) tells the protagonist Anne Elliot (Dakota Johnson): “It’s been 7 years”, the character replies: “It’s been 8 years” and we have the counter-argument: “Honey, at some point you have to get over it.” And with that, the more modern tone that the adaptation delivers is felt, even in the initial moments of the feature. And the fun of the movie ends up being entirely in these small moments, after all, the plot told here in ‘Persuasion’ is the same as in the author’s book.

The feature we have here is charming, and after all, who doesn’t like a good romantic story from the time, right?

Project times project the actress manages to take that image Fifty Shades of Grey that was marked in her career, in which after other works by the actress, such as ‘The Lost Daughter’ for example, that work became increasingly distant in memory.

In ‘Persuasion’, there is the delivery of a charismatic performance. And everything goes well in the film as we are introduced to Anne, an intelligent and single young woman, who is not tied to the customs of the time, very different from her pompous father Mr. Elliot (Richard E. Grant,), and his sisters, the eldest Elizabeth (Yolanda Kettle) and the youngest Mary (Mia McKenna-Bruce, the comic character in the feature).

At a certain point in the film, the boy returns, after years out of the country and with money and a very important position in the British Navy, and Anne’s life changes fast, as her family is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Anne in one scene says something that portrays this moment well: “How can life remain static, almost obstinately resistant to any change for years, and then, without any warning, be flooded with so much news in the course of a few weeks?”.

The story unfolds in this way, with beautiful costumes, rural locations – to give a characteristic tone to the film. Carrie Cracknell, the director, even abuses this natural setting to show the characters on trips, where we learn more about Mary’s relationship with her husband Charles (Ben Bailey Smith), their children (whom she always ignores), sisters-in-law Henrietta (Izuka Hoyle), Louisa (Nia Towle), and how the arrival of Wentworth impacts the life of this family, and a possible love triangle begins to develop, in which Anne clearly finds herself in doubts about how to behave after many years away from the man. who she considers to be the love of her life. Do you know how to watch movies for free on your cell phone? Download Youcine apk and watch this and other movies totally free!



The film shows fun passages, always putting a way for Anne to deal with her loneliness. Whether the arrival of a new member for this complicated relationship in the figure of Mr. Elliot (Henry Golding), a distant cousin who has the power to control the family’s fortune, or the moment that forces the plot to shift to rural London as the family is reunited.

The written text is very well delivered by all the actors, including the protagonists of the story. And to finish, the natural choices of scenery that the director Carrie Cracknell puts for several scenes make this story, this sugar water, to be much better, and help us to get “stuck” in the plot of the film. So if you’re one of those passionate about period movies, you can’t miss this movie. But maybe you’re wondering there: Where to watch free movies? It’s simple and fast, just download the free Youcine app on your TV Box, Smart TV or cell phone and you’ll have access in addition to this production, there are many others, in addition to series, anime and cartoons even for your children. Don’t waste time, download the Youcine free apk and enjoy the best of national and international cinema!

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