‘On-DraKon’ will make you stare at the screen and get emotional


‘He’s a Dragon’, also in English territories called ‘I Am Dragon’ , and in Germany ‘Dragon: Love is a Scary Tale’ , is a fantasy adventure Romantic in Russian 3D, from 2015. The film was written and directed by Indar Dzhendubaev. The main roles are played by Maria Poezzhaeva and Matvey Lykov. The film is loosely based on Marina and Sergey, the 1996 fantasy novel, The Ritual.


The film takes place in a fictional fantasy world, which is a stylistic fusion of Ancient Russia with Scandinavian, Celtic and Oriental traditions. The plot is about Princess Miroslava (Poezzhaeva), who is kidnapped by a dragon and taken to its lair on a remote island, where she meets a very mysterious young man named Arman (Lykov), and an Aye-aye.

The film was theatrically released in Russia by Bazelevs Film Company on December 3, 2015 in RealD 3D. It was the highest-grossing Russian production internationally in 2016. It’s truly wonderful.


In Russia, the young princess Miroslava (Maria Poezzhaeva), Mira, is engaged to Igor. Her father and sister Yaroslava think she is immature because she likes fairy tales and playing with children’s things. According to an old Mandaean custom, Mira is placed on a boat deck in her wedding clothes to be sent across the water to her future husband, Igor. As Igor pulls the boat towards her, her people sing an ancient wedding song.

Halfway through the wedding, a dragon captures Mira. She is taken prisoner in a cave, in which she meets a young man who cannot remember her name. Mira thinks he is another prisoner and calls him Arman (Matvey Lykov). However, she quickly discovers that Arman is the dragon that kidnapped her. He lives in human form, holding the beast within, but sometimes transforms into a dragon against his will. As a dragon, Arman cannot control himself.

Arman shows Mira the island and a place for her to make a home. He tells her that male dragons have lived on the island a long time. As a dragon boy, he could choose to stay human or become a dragon. He chose to remain human until a dragonslayer killed his father. In his grief and rage, he became a dragon, gaining knowledge of all the dragons that came before him. Realizing that dragons were truly monsters, Arman isolated himself on the island so he could avoid killing humans. Feeling the uncontrollable transition to dragon form, he would go to the cave where the dragon could not escape and remain there until he returned to human form. He kidnapped Mira over a ritual song sung at her wedding by villagers who believed dragons were extinct. The song took Arman by surprise and he didn’t have time to hide in the cave before answering the song’s call.

He wants to live like a man and slay his inner dragon because he’s afraid of harming Mira. Mira then talks to Arman and teaches him how to live like a human. As they get to know each other, Arman and Mira fall in love, even though Mira is still afraid of the dragon.

Bewitched island

The island is bewitched so that only those who are loved by someone there can find their way to it. Mira’s feelings towards Igor change when she falls in love with Arman.


Mira’s fear of the dragon causes her to secretly prepare a boat to escape. Upon learning this, Arman despairs that he will never be able to control the dragon and reveals to Mira what happened to the other dragon brides. Dragons brought the sacrificed girls to the island and burned them to death. From the ashes of each a new dragon boy was born. Arman orders Mira to leave to avoid this fate. But without Mira, Arman doesn’t know how to go on living. Are you enjoying the story? Then you can watch this movie and others for free on the Youcine app. Download it for free on your cell phone, TV Box or Smart TV and enjoy!

She then returns home. As she prepares again for her wedding to Igor, Mira realizes that she loves Arman and cannot live without him. While on the boat, Mira sings the ritual song to summon the dragon, Arman hears the song as he ends his life and transforms into the dragon. He recaptures Mira and brings her to the island to burn. Mira shows no fear of the dragon and then confesses her love for him. This makes Arman control himself like a dragon.

Years after all this happened, Mira and Arman are living together on the island with their daughter. Mira flies over her dragon husband, who is no longer dangerous to her, and they live happily ever after. It is worth checking out this exciting production, with incredible images and fantastic plot.

Film Reception

The film, according to internet news, was hugely successful at the box office in China. It was the highest-grossing Russian film internationally in 2016. So if you liked the story, enjoy watching it and other productions such as anime, cartoons, and series for free. Just download the free Youcine app on your cell phone, Smart TV, TV Box, Iphone or Android and watch for free!

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