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The second season of the series “Amor Moderno” or “Modern Love” in English, premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2021, on August 13, but the series can always be watched, as the theme is for all time, of course love never goes out of style, does it? Executive Director John Carney, who serves as showrunner for this production, wrote and directed both episodes. The first season premiered in 2019 and you can watch it for free on Youcine apk.

The production is inspired by a column published in the famous New York Times on weekends. In this second season, names such as Kit Harington, Anna Paquin, Dominique Fishbak and Tobias Menzies are in the cast. As well as Minnie Driver, Garrett Hedlund, Sophie Okonedo.

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Modern Love


In “Amor Moderno”, we have a collection of stories that are real, that explore not only love in its multiple forms -romantic, sexual, family, platonic -, but also other feelings common to the human experience, such as: loss and redemption.


Romance stories exist hundreds in every place in the entire world. But in New York there is something like this… how can I put it? Different. That manages to make the stories much more captivating. The second season of “Modern Love” or “Amor Moderno” in Portuguese, understands how charming this city can be and uses its characteristics to create excellent moments. The conversations of people around the city at night, the walk through a very busy street, the party in the suburbs, or the basketball courts in Brooklyn make up the best episodes of the series for being able to show what is best in New York.

Even though in the first episode -The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy- it was a very difficult plot to happen, it makes us think that we can leave our comfort zone when we like someone. At the same time that the episode brings the best moments of the city.In the episode ”How Do You Remember Me?” is one of the episodes in the entire series that manages to capture emotion in its short period without leaving anything to be desired. Already in ”Am I Gay or Straight? Maybe This Fun Quiz Game Will Tell Me”, the discovery of sexuality in adolescence along with the uncertainties, is something very good for a light story.

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Modern Love

Unlike the first season, which uses more specific stories to generate an identification connection with the viewers – Anne Hathaway suffering from bipolar disorder and Tina Fey playing tennis with John Slattery -, the second season has its central objective in universal tales, plots that could happen to anyone.

As the theme of the fourth episode, “A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One”, Dominique Fishback falls in love with his best friend and hopes to one day be reciprocated. In “In the Waiting Room of Estranged Spouses”, the discovery of a betrayal ends up in a new romance. “Modern Love” manages to draw sighs from the public, not only of love, but also of sadness, when stories do not have happy endings. In this regard, the series fulfills its role very well, when it puts Kit Harington and Lucy Boynton to live a story interrupted by the pandemic in Strangers on a Train.

The same goes for Second Embrace, With Hearts and Eyes Open, which wins due to the chemistry between Tobias Menzies and Sophie Okonedo as a divorced couple trying to find love again, but failing to fall into melodrama. In this way, the second season of “Modern Love ” or “Amor Moderno” shows what he came for, and often manages to create a kind of harmony that continues for the first few episodes, but decays in the middle to the end. Although the feeling and attitude of love is deserving, it takes a little more ….. let’s say, daring, for “Modern Love” to become truly relevant among so many other fantastic productions out there .

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