‘Chucky’ Season Two Has Lots of Blood and Sarcasm


The second season of ” Chucky ”, came back with everything. I always watched the productions of this franchise, since when it was ‘Boneco Assassin’, and not ‘Chucky’, as it is today.

I decided to write about why the idea of a killer doll has always been horrifying to me. I always imagined those dolls I had in my room coming to life at night and coming to attack me, and you didn’t? But also at the same time I found the idea kind of ridiculous: that it would be the idea of humans dying at the hands of a doll.

It is with this bipartition that I write here about the second season of ”Chucky”.


Why make a Series?

After the fifth film in the franchise entitled “Son of Chucky”, which had its good moments, the franchise gave the impression of being “buried” or even “dead”.

For those who liked it, almost a decade later, around the year 2013, a new film ‘The Curse of Chucky’ was announced by the franchise.

Along with this announcement also came the information that the production would come out straight to DVD – which was very used in 2013 – in the USA, and then expectations went downhill. Because films produced on DVD had a budget of pennies, in a similar quality.

However, going against the predictions, the movie was very good! He introduced new elements to the franchise, proved that there were still stories to be told and managed to rekindle the flame of interest from fans.

In addition, the film departed from the more comedic tone of the last two releases, and got back to the tone of the beginning of the franchise, in which the story was taken seriously, even if it was something improbable. Therefore, they had more films, after a sequel released in 2017, the announcement of a series was yet another big surprise.

After all, did it have content for a story like that? Does a movie have 2 hours?, but I reflect, a series has more. But, proving and surprising everyone, Don Manchini (who created the character), delivers a quality production, with relevant themes and creative deaths.

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The New Season of Chucky Brings What’s New

Of course, and it couldn’t be any different, could it? After the one at the end of last season, which involved not only Tiffany in her doll form, but also a whole bunch of “Chukys”, this new season jumps forward by 6 months in the timeline. The idea is the calm before the storm.

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Jake and Devons are with foster families and Lexy continues to hang out with her sister and her mother, who are a bit “crazy” – in fact, many are. And despite living with the burden of past events, they are trying to move on with their lives.

Although, we know that Chucky (who has now returned to being one, after the truck with his copies was destroyed), will not let it go and will come back for revenge.

It’s commendable here, all the technical and editing part. The right atmosphere of tension was created, and leaves the viewer glued to the screen. The scares manage to convince, especially when they increase the soundtrack at “x” time of the event.

But, some actors were not able to follow the climate of the film well in their performances, such as Devon and Lexy for example. The boy who plays the puppet was also very weak in his performance, unfortunately.


At the end then, we have the first death of the season, which was very sad. Not only does she get to mess with Jacke’s feelings and attitudes, but also by being responsible for sending the three young men to a detention facility for juvenile delinquents. So most of this season will take place in a single setting.

The truth is that “Chucky” entertains the viewer, and surprises in the quality of the genre in relation to many other films that are considered horror out there.

Whether for fun, terror, or even sarcasm, watch! I guarantee you will have a good laugh and a lot of scares!

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