Movie ‘Samaritan’ a generic production that brings positive points


25 years ago, the world’s greatest superhero disappeared”, according to the “Samaritan” poster on Prime Video – which is in the Youcine free apk. The Samaritan had an enemy, a twin brother named Nemesis. In childhood “they were frighteningly strong”, – Sam, the narrator of the film tells us – and being unable to control their strength, terrified the residents of Granite City. So the villagers locked the family with padlocks in their house and set it on fire. The fire killed their parents, but the mutant twins managed to survive. Samaritan grew up to fight crime in the same town whose inhabitants burned his parents, but Nemesis’ hatred unfortunately made him a brute. Since his brother was now his enemy.


And yes, they were real enemies. That part where the two brothers kick the bucket when a power plant explodes, interrupts their sibling rivalry. These are details of the script by Bragi F. Schut, which are in the opening part. Indeed an excellent detail of the story. They think that the two characters are dead, taking the electrical grid with them, but Sam believes that the Samaritan still remains.

I keep thinking here: Why does Sam think that? In fact, the film does not show any explanation about, much less delve into facts that are described in the book by author Albert Casler (Martin Starr), “Samaritan Lives”. Sam draws full of Samaritan exploits and paints his logo on dumpsters. He’s got that wall you usually see in conspiracy movies, but his is on the closet door. Truly he’s a 40-year-old paranoid man in a teenage boy’s body.

Even worse is Granite City. It’s filled with graffiti, empty lots and alleys and looks like descriptions of haunted bad cities. This place is taken over by crime, and Sam commits petty robberies with teenagers who work for Cyrus (Pilou Asbaek), the bad man.

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One of these children, with rainbow braids and full of tattoos, demonstrates such an exaggerated meanness that he feels transferred from the movie “Robocop”. The way Sam feels about Samaritan is the way Cyrus feels about Nemesis, so much so that he actually wants to emulate him and destroy Granite City.

Regarding Samaritan, Sam’s neighbor, a garbage man named Joe, may be the real ‘thing’. He’s played by a gray-bearded Sylvester Stallone, so you know he’s not a very common garbage hauler. Joe raises suspicions when he beats up the aforementioned teens after they turn on Sam. Some suspicions also arise when Sam breaks into Joe’s house and finds an album filled with newspaper clippings about the Samaritan. Then, clearly, there’s the scene in the trailer where Joe is ripped to shreds by a car driven by the people he just beat up, and his body mends itself.



There are many “voids” in the “Samaritan” script, and the film needs to run faster than it needs to to overcome them. Julius Avery, the director of this production, shows a lot of on-screen slaughter. And indeed some questions may come to the minds of the spectators, such as: “what is the problem with the power grenades that the bad guys use?” Apparently they cause massive explosions, but in one case, a character detonates one without throwing it and doesn’t blow it up. The film in this sense is so bored with itself that it doesn’t keep its own weapons in order.

I truly didn’t think the movie was as bad as many people did. Stallone’s commitment to playing the role in a humorless way was a lot of fun, and besides that “Judge Dredd” had the decency to be rated R. “Samaritan”, it’s too violent. People are hit on the head with giant sledgehammers, shot with automatic weapons and punched by a man whose force should almost make them explode. There’s also the part where Stallone manages to outrun a burning, collapsing building, something he’s already done in the far more enjoyable “The Expendables 3.”

There are no characters to worry about and no accompaniment in the world-building he attempts. It still has a twist that you should be able to predict during the opening, and the film doesn’t develop anything very interesting. But as has been said in this article, there are positive points in this production, it just depends on the look of those who ‘see’.

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