Police series with Bruno Glagliasso almost reaches a good grade


The series ‘Santo’, released by Netflix, was created by the Spanish Carlos López and directed mostly by the Brazilian Vicente Amorim (‘Yakusa and other). It’s a series that shows complexity, and that should do the simple along the way. But each viewer has their own taste.

It is a police production that shows the hunt for the drug dealer that entitles the series. Santo is the father of his henchmen, is much feared for being violent with his opponents and is adept at sinister rituals with child sacrifices.

The viewer has to be very attentive and has to settle in before really understanding everything. In Spain, Millán (Raúl Arévalo), is a policeman who works with his own methods and is somehow linked to a person who dies in flames shortly after a ‘Santo’ operation. Afterwards, the spectator is taken to Salvador, where the body of a child is found in the sea, brainless, in a crime that resembles the way ‘Santo’ usually commits all of his crimes.


It took us a while to understand Bruno Gagliasso’s role as Ernesto Cardona in the series. We understand that his character Cardona, is a policeman who infiltrates to get to Santo, little by little we are introduced to his motivations. The series has a non-direct narrative, building Millán and Cardona as pieces of a game that assembles itself, but not in a very clear way. Is there a way to watch movies online? Yes, and for free! Just download Youcine free apk and watch there are many movies, series, anime, anime movies and more. Enjoy!


The way the text is written is very curious; Cardona is shown to be an undercover very early on, and this gives little weight to the event, this is only used to put the detectives in touch. The formula is cliché, using the two of them working together to catch the dealer. Brazilians rarely work together with their Spanish counterparts, even serving as an obstacle for them.

The way the season of ‘Santo’ unfolds, it becomes more of a horrifying thriller. Aesthetically, the series is very good when it shows this way, using sounds, lights, and propitious environments to build all this tension. I think the editing is confusing especially to clearly show the protagonists’ state of mind.


The script makes a great effort not to imply that it has prejudices with religions of African origin, the series shows Cardona as a supporter of Camdomblé, and seeks to treat religion with respect.

‘Santo’ goes well, but is too long. There are parts that we want to keep seeing and others that the plot seems to have no end, or to reach an uncertain place. The conclusion may be unsatisfactory if it ends here, but if there is more it may change. The series is very concerned with being mysterious, it needs to invite the viewer more to be ‘part’ of the mystery, to try to guess the solution or find it. How to watch movies online and legally? Simple, download the Youcine free apk right now and check out games, series, drawings and more!

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