Ryan Murphy’s Drama Puts Victims First


What is lost in the shocking murder stories in America’s series is how deep they expose flaws in their democracy. This is the case of Jeffrey Dahmer , played by Evan Peters, a very lonely and somewhat disturbed young man, who murdered and dismembered seventeen young people between the years 1978 and 1991.

murder stories

Sinister and gruesome details of these murders came to the fore when Dahmer was finally arrested in 1991 and sentenced to 16 years in prison: he was a necrophiliac, a cannibalistic child molester, a homosexual who drugged and killed other homosexuals in the wake of the epidemic of aids. On the day the police searched Dhamer’s apartment, they managed to find so many severed body parts that the chief coroner named the experience “more like dismantling someone’s museum than an actual crime scene.”

In the many years since Dahmer was beaten to death by a fellow prisoner, he has remained a recognized figure in the American public consciousness; every few years a new movie or TV series debuts, with a new actor playing his version of the Milwaukee Cannibal. However, focusing our evil fascination on what Dahmer did to those people misses the larger implications of his story. What is sometimes not recognized is the racial makeup of his victims, most of them brown or black, and how this division of culture allowed Dahmer to get the benefit of the doubt for so long.

A Focus on Victims: Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan’s new miniseries, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, focuses on shedding light on Dahmer’s victims, showing points of view that have been ignored. It’s an admirable goal, and it gets there eventually… after nearly half the series. How to watch movie for free on the internet? Simple, download Youcine free apk right now on your android, Iphone, TV Box or Smart TVand enjoy!

murder stories

But the first five episodes prove to be competent, presenting a non-linear biography, still very straight forward from Dahmer to his arrest, are laborious, as many of these stories have been told before on screen, particularly in Dahmer from 2002.

That a white man like Jeff Dahmer was able to get away with this is quite revealing – and it’s surprising that his name is so ingrained in our minds, while so many black viewers and neighbors, like the late Glenda Cleveland (Niecy Nash), have tried to warn the police and were ignored. Which app equals free Netflix! Youcine, there you will find infinity of series, movies, anime, anime movies and much more! Enjoy download now!

Questions about the Police

Some questions about the role of the police in American society, and whether the institution itself is broken, have only gained traction in the years since Dahmer’s arrest. Take John Balcerzak, a police officer who, along with his partner, was briefly fired for delivering a drugged-up 14-year-old straight back to Dahmer’s apartment after the boy ran away – only to be reinstated. Balcerzak even became president of the Milwaukee Police Association, working until his retirement. Jeffrey Dahmer may be gone, but the broken systems that did nothing to stop him still “work” today.

Murder Most Foul: Evan Peters is in pretty good shape here, playing a role he was likely destined to play since Murphy first cast him.

With Peters’ vague expressions and unpretentious gaze, Dahmer gets the impression that he’s someone a little confused, but curious about the world he lives in. Induced lack of focus that makes your coercions pretty casual.

murder stories

Monster is just gory at times, many of them forgoing on-screen violence to stay in the uncomfortable period leading up to the mask moment. The first episode, set in 1991, devotes its 50 minutes to the case study of a man Dahmer brings home to photograph and kill: Tracy Edwards, the man who escaped and saved himself from becoming Dahmer’s final victim, communicating successfully the police.

Monster rarely goes for dark humor in his depiction of man’s heinous acts, which is for the best.


Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story in a clever way avoids all too common pitfalls of the ‘true crime’ genre, acknowledges the perspective of Jeff Dahmer’s victims and their families deeply far more than any other representation on screen. This makes for a pretty bad and a little emotional story, and it immediately becomes more captivating as it begins to explore the basic inequalities that allowed Dahmer to save himself time and time again. Truly Monster’s most incisive tone is being able to remember exactly who this country believes this “kind of guy” is.

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