‘Stranger Things’ – Season 4 finds strength in love


The inconsistency of the new episodes does not prevent the series from elevating what is intrinsic to it and revisiting the charm of the premiere.

Stranger Things

Will (Noah Schnapp) stars in one of the most touching scenes of the fourth season. With no ambition for grandeur, no monstrous threat along the way, the teenager shows courage when he advises Mike (Finn Wolfhard) about his relationship with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

With nostalgic references and pyrotechnics from other episodes, the victory of ‘Stranger Things 4‘ is really in the love these characters show for each other, in every way. Their unity is what keeps them going, no matter what they face.

But in season four, the Duffer brothers put all these relationships in check. Which did not get a complete result. Until then, relationships were unshakable.

The physical distances and emotional pain that the characters went through as a result of the Battle at Stacourt, made the heroes face all the traumas they had accumulated since the Discovery of the Upside Down. This series dynamic, brought to a maturing , as it recognized that no one comes out unscathed after so much bloodshed.

Stranger Things


The creators shaped the season’s central theme and found the backing it needed to take another step in the series’ escalation of terror. Vecna spares no victims of her cruelty. He delights in every nightmare he creates, and that leads the audience to be more “stuck” on the screen.

With the opposite effect, however, the dissonance of the group affects the flow of the episodes. The series continues in the rhythm break, develops a situation and after it bursts, it changes its core to keep the tension always high. There was also an overuse of speech.

The repetition of Vecna’s ‘non-stop talking’ shows the series’ difficulty in reconciling the responses to the plot. Even so, the Duffer brothers’ boldness was positive. “Stranger Things” has never taken away what is its own, that is, the love and affection between its protagonists. The separation then went to expand everything, including new friendships.

Stranger Things


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