“The Beachnickers” watch and have fun this carnival holiday


For those who don’t like carnival parties, one of the options to have fun and pass the time is watching movies, and many prefer comedy movies to have a good laugh and be able to have fun. With that in mind, today I’m going to write about “The Beachnickers”, a production that is a lot of fun and has big surprises!

Comedy portrait

A comedy that takes place with four types of families when they go on vacation, there is a lot of shouting and arguing, but in the end they turn into fun and laughter; anyone who has never spent a vacation on the beach where almost the whole of Brazil descends to the coast, has no idea what a farofada is.

The Beachnickers

This comedy is still lame, but it still works well, the jokes for example are placed at the right time, they play with real situations and make brilliant satire, the film mixes lame humor, jokes in the right measure and skits without a doubt intelligent, three types that worked really well– and the best thing is that it gets us a lot of laughs without being offensive.

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National way

This basic way of producing national films is often a certainty of success in some states and failures in others, unfortunately it can happen to have a certain prejudice because the film is national.

The problem is the formula, for people who have already watched national comedy films by director Roberto Santucci, (the same as “Que a Sorte nos Separe” and “De Pernas para o Ar”), which is not a discredit, much for the On the contrary, he broke with his style in “Os Farofeiros”, making a film that goes deeper into the plot and brings things to reflect on existing situations of the Brazilian people.

This is still a comedy, seeing the evolution that the director made in his films is wonderful, but perhaps it would be interesting if the crude humor began to be diminished in the films, as it often becomes a little cloying, tiring and in this movie had some of that.

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Manner of humor

The film “Os Farofeiros” must be seen beyond the old national humor referring to our culture, with this, you will have a different experience from national films, even though it is a mock film it has emotion, in addition to putting your reasoning to the test. This shows that there has been evolution in this type of production.

I hope that people who read this article understand that society produces different ideas and many times better than before, and give themselves the chance to always be able to try again what in the past was not a good experience, after all, cinema is constantly changing. evolution.

Recommendations for you to watch this holiday for free

1. Season 4 – Pearl- Part 1

The Beachnickers

Pearl is yet another chapter in filmmaker Ti West’s twisted world of X. It’s 1918, and the young Pearl (Mia Goth) is obsessed with becoming a famous person. Trapped on her family’s isolated farm, Pearl is forced to care for her ailing father and live under the constant watch of her bitter, overbearing, doting mother. Desiring the glamorous life she’s seen in the movies, Pearl finds her ambitions, temptations and repressions clashing.

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In this origin story of X’s iconic villain, when her dream of finally being a star is denied, she turns to murder, until she achieves what she desires. Filmed covertly and simultaneously with X – The Mark of Death (2022), Pearl serves as a prequel to the film, showing the title character’s early life decades earlier.

2.You – season 4- Parte 1

The Beachnickers

In this new year of the series, Joe (Penn Badgley) tries once again to leave his stalker life behind, traveling to London and changing his name to Jonathan Moore. He starts working as a teacher in the new city and becomes intimate with a group of rich young people who are his students.

But, a murder occurred within that elite circle, makes the protagonist believe that the murderer is someone from the group, making him go from persecutor to persecuted. To make matters worse, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) is in the area to confront Joe for his crimes.

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