“The Invisible Girl” series – Brazilian teen film was wrong to be “Brazilian”


Before starting to watch the 1st season of the Netflix series “The Invisible Girl”, it is possible to believe that this is an American teen movie. Everything shows this: The name, advertisement, poster and even characterization of the characters are very similar to other titles on the platform, such as: “Para Todos os Garotos I’ve Loved” and etc… . However, after starting to watch and realizing that it is a Brazilian production, everything in the plot continues to sound “very out of Brazil”.

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The Invisible Girl

But, we have to reflect and recognize the effort of director Maurício Eça and the rest of the production that made and shot a film during a pandemic. The scenarios are real, the interactions etc… . And here for us, Brazilian cinema also has its difficulties. Incidentally, many of us had to adapt to many things in the pandemic.

The “hole” in this story is really the Brazilian part of the thing. And it would do well in a good way, since the story takes place around upper-middle-class teenagers, who have access to the internet and live in big cities. This is an audience that actually consumes American productions and is influenced by “online”.

The Invisible Girl

History and Characters

And it is in this virtual environment that confusion begins for the protagonist Ariana (Sophia Valverde, from As Aventuras de Poliana). She ends up accidentally declaring herself to her crush at school, Khaleb (Guilherme Brumatti), who has just broken up with the popular girl at school, Diana (Mharessa Fernanda).

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The character Ariana celebrates when she finds out about the breakup, which, of course, is everywhere on social networks, and starts, without realizing it, a live broadcast that shows all her excitement with Khaleb. The disaster ends up becoming an opportunity for her to go out with the guy of her dreams, while not realizing that her friend Téo (Matheus Ueta) is crazy about her.

But, there are some strange things in the story, such as, for example, a character that appears without being placed and is able to resolve conflicts between characters, or even musical numbers that start without any preparation for their audience.

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However, what really takes “The Invisible Girl” out of a context that is at least a little closer to the reality of young Brazilians, such as those described, are the film’s dialogues. It all feels very over-rehearsed and straight out of 1980s movies, and it forces a language, as well as not being a language that fits well.

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