“The White Lotus” brings white privilege and grabs attention with variations


One of the central themes of the comedy-drama miniseries “The White Lotus” is about American tourists who, despite being on vacation in a luxury hotel in Hawaii, do not fail to interpret class dynamics. Fixing a condition, and the mechanical repetition of it, is a topic that drives the miniseries and makes it more effective. This repetition is something that in the plot you can’t escape, just as you can’t escape the routine of a resort. Every day there is breakfast, the swimming pool, the bar open at night, etc… In the case of the series, it seems that it gave the impression of social stagnation.

Mike White’s casting direction allows his tight control of the pace not to alienate the viewer’s empathetic possibilities. The ridiculousness of rich people makes them a little more vulnerable, and in the performances of Steve Zahn and Jennifer Coolidge (in the role of a spinster mourning her dead mother), the mixture of caricature and humanization are excellent.

Music plays a very important role in this production, because it sets the tone of expectations for the scenes, as well as reveals tensions with great intensity when necessary. The film uses the same dramatic and narrative resources for different purposes, and for those who watch it is great.

The White Lotus

Facts about the series

1. The most watched series

‘The white lotus ‘ has become the highest-rated series on HBO Max, according to data from the platform itself. The latest episode drew 1.9 million people watching it live on HBO and the streaming service on the Sunday it aired alone. In the Youcine app you can watch this series and many others totally free! Download Youcine apk to watch movies, series, anime, animated movies and cartoons for free! Enjoy!

The White Lotus

2. The Hotel where the miniseries was filmed

The series was filmed at a resort in Maui’s Four Seasons, Hawaii, and the heavenly images are true.
The cast stayed at the resort due to the restrictions of the pandemic (the recordings took place in late 2020). With that, the actors ended up spending more time together at the hotel and getting closer. They had some freedom due to the privileged space – they had dinner and went to the beach together – but they couldn’t go out to see family members or anyone else. Check out the photo of the hotel below:

The White Lotus

3. List

Some of the faces are known to the public, such as actor Jake Lacy (High Fidelity and Girls) and actresses Sydney Sweeney (The Handmaid’s Tale, Sharp Objects and Euphoria) and Connie Britton (American Crime Story and Nashville). Check out the full cast below:

The White Lotus
  • Murray Bartlett plays Armond
  • Connie Britton as Nicole Mossbacher
  • Jennifer Coolidge lives Tanya McQuoid
  • Alexandra Daddario in Rachel’s skin
  • Fred Hechinger as Quinn Mossbacher
  • Jake Lacy plays Shane Patton
  • Brittany O’Grady lives Paula
  • Natasha Rothwell in the role of Belinda
  • Sydney Sweeney as Olivia Mossbacher
  • Steve Zahn lives Mark Mossbacher

In the next chapters, don’t expect to see Armond, Nicole Tanya and company again, as the series will be transformed into an anthology, with new characters and cast each year. The idea is for the plot to unfold in a different unit from the fictional hotel chain that gives the production its name.

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