“Vale Night” Shows That Favelas Go Beyond Violence


Directed by Luis Pinheiro and screenwriter Caco Galhardo, the film took on Brazilian airs. “Vale Night” goes beyond the purely comic, and becomes a product of time itself, which denounces a problem without reinforcing it and without losing sight of what came, above all, to be fun. In the script are Ian Deitchman, Kristin Rusk Robinson (original idea), Caco Galhardo, Renata Martins, Carla Meirelles.

Vale Night

The story has two young people. Instead of being middle-class whites, they are black and live on the outskirts of São Paulo. She is Daiana (Gabriela Dias), who dropped out of school to take care of her son. He is Vini (Pedro Ottoni), a very detached but very friendly boy, who cuts hair to earn money but really enjoys dancing step by step. Within a community and in the midst of a lower class population, premature motherhood takes on new air and becomes a symbol. To take care of her son, Daiana has to drop her studies, although her mother (played by Tia Má) does not agree with this attitude, she asks her to return her life, but without success.

Daiana’s difficulties, as well as those of a somewhat irresponsible Vini, go beyond the logistics and time required to care for a child, although these are extremely important factors. Immaturity, lack of financial resources and priorities are also at stake, and when Daiana is convinced by her mother to spend a weekend away at her grandmother’s (Neusa Borges) house, Vini has to leave behind the attitude of disconnected and assume the responsibility of being a parent.

Vale Night

Road map

The script, which is very dynamic and puts Vini in casual situations, in itself, is a force in favor of the film, which is never stopped for too long and not even in the same place before leaving for the next mess. Between dirty diapers, housework and a crying baby, Vini finds ways out with calm and tranquility, and everything seems to flow before the situation collapses. Even so, the script alone is not enough, and the film ends up relying a lot on the charismatic Pedro Ottoni who makes the story move very naturally. Enjoy watching this movie for free on your TV Box, iphone or Smart TV by downloading the Youcine free apk! You will love !

The young actor, who very recently appeared in the series “Back to 15”, and which you can find in our free apk Youcine, dominates the scenes with great tranquility and with a humor that seems spontaneous to him. Ottoni, little by little, emerges as one of the new and good names in Brazilian humor. And, considering that the film depends so much on its nuances and the balance between humor and drama, the carioca from the north of Rio delivers a considerably mature work — especially considering that it is one of the first major productions in which he participated.

As the story progresses, Vini ends up going out into the community with her son in her arms, and loses the baby in a moment of distraction. What follows is a sequence of random actions that take the child further and further away from the parent as he desperately tries to find him—and feeling, for the first time, the weight of being a parent. very well employed in the search for the child executed by Vini with the help of Linguinha (Yuri Marçal) and DJ Pulga (Linn da Quebrada), take the film to this place where it becomes a kind of treasure hunt. Despite the comical tone of the hunt, Vini’s desperation to find the child (and to do so before Diana finds out what happened) grows little by little, until the film reaches its emotional climax in the construction of this character.

It is in this aspect that “Vale Night” crosses the path and goes beyond the obvious. The comedy is fun and complete, the film grows in the details, which are in the family constructions, in the support networks that those characters have and in how they deal together with the places where they live. Diana, raised by her mother, has a family made up mostly of women; Vini seems to be a very lonely boy, as his father or mother are not in the story.

By placing a film defined as a romantic comedy in a community, without weapons, without trafficking and without violence, there is an important social and political statement being made regarding the importance of plural voices in cinema. From this same perspective, “Vale Night” never loses sight of the relevance of a social message in the story, and it does so without letting morality take center stage and become excessive. There is a lessening of the impact on the conclusion of the third topic of the film, but that never makes the story lose its force. In the end, it is a light film, very fun and aware of the role of comedy within the most serious debates.

Vale Night

Positives and what can be improved

POSITIVE POINTS: A well-integrated cast and diverse characters, with particular dramas that do not serve only to help the script. A light-hearted approach to life in communities, which does not focus on violence but on common life.

NEGATIVE POINTS The 3rd act loses strength at the conclusion, with an ending that does not take advantage of the dramatic potential that was available.

Anyway, the film is light, fun and with a very introductory cast ‘Vale Night’ brings together comedy and drama to tell a story that has many Brazilian roots and never leaves behind the relevance of the social message. That’s why it’s worth checking out this movie in its free Youcine apk, just download it on your cell phone, android, TV Box or Smart TV and watch it all for free!

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