“Casal de Fachada” is a Mix of Emotions


The movie “Casal de Fachada” has already arrived in its Youcine free apk. The production, based on the French film by Francis Veber, tells the story of Olivia Allan and Antonio Flores. Olivia is a very famous movie actress and very beautiful. Already Antonio is a Mexican valet.

Casal de Fachada

In the romantic comedy, Olivia, played by actress Samara Weaving (Coda – 2021), will have to face the paparazzi after being caught with Vincent, played by Max Greenfield (New Girl 2011-2018). However, Vincent is a billionaire, married and no one can know about his relationship with Olivia.

So that’s why the two decide to deceive everyone by saying that, in fact, Olivia is dating Antonio (Eugenio Derbez), the valet who by accident appeared in the compromising photo of the couple. And then, Olivia starts a fake relationship with Antonio, to cover up her romantic affair with the billionaire.

Casal de Fachada

Story summary

Even though the script is not so original, the production is a lot of fun. Mixing English and Spanish throughout the film and showing the two totally different poles. Where it is possible to see the differences of social classes in a very light and engaging way.

Antonio lives a very simple life with his family and is divorcing his ex-wife. Despite being from a lower class family, they are always together, supporting each other. Already the famous movie star, she lives an incredible life of luxury but is always alone and without friends or family.

Casal de Fachada is a mix of emotions, where the viewer of the Youcine free apk will get emotional, laugh, cry and rebel at the same time. The film will show some aspects of life that are often forgotten, but are of utmost importance.

Furthermore, the film is not cliché. It’s funny and cute, you’ll fall in love with these crazy complicated characters. “Casal de Fachada” is now available on the free Youcine apk and you can download it on your android, cell phone, iphone, TV BOx or Smart TV and you can watch it all for free! Run enjoy and download right now!

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Children’s Tip

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