You Won’t Be Alone


Have you ever felt lonely? When is it? How do you spend this lonely time? Loneliness is a psychological reaction that can be felt when you are alone and when many people are around. Loneliness is often regarded as one of the most common sources of human suffering, and everyone is surrounded by feelings of loneliness from time to time, and will continue for a period of time, or even suffer from loneliness for life. However, Youcine guesses that you would never have thought that the theme movie to be introduced today is a horror movie?

You Won't Be Alone

Her loneliness

“You Won’t Be Alone” tells the story of a remote mountain village in 19th century Macedonia, a young witch living in the forest is full of curiosity about human life, she accidentally kills a villager, and then uses the villager’s skin Dressing up as a human also completely inspired the witch’s curiosity, she wanted to dress up as a different human to live. The whole movie viewing process is the interweaving of blood and literature, the beauty of the countryside, the farming scenes and the bloodstains that appear from time to time, and the internal organs that are pulled out contrast and set off each other. Because of her magical power, after killing the opponent, she can take out her internal organs and become the target of killing. From becoming a farmer’s wife, a captive dog, to a young boy, and the last incarnation is to rescue a little girl who fell off a cliff. It was also in this girl’s body that she fully experienced the growth of a normal child, as well as falling in love, getting married, and having children. She has gradually changed from being unfamiliar and imitating the world to understanding the world through growth. Love is a force that cannot be ignored…

You Won't Be Alone

Is loneliness really only misfortune?

Everyone’s heart is lonely, but most of the time we don’t think about it, or can’t think about it. Psychology believes that human beings are social animals, and they have a strong love for a group, and then have a strong dependence. When a person is excluded from others, he will feel dissatisfied because he does not have a sense of psychological dependence. This urgent sense of satisfaction is the embodiment of loneliness. In fact, when a person is alone, the person himself will show a state of loneliness, which is a true feeling from the depths of the human heart. But let’s think about it from the other side, is no longer alone the best outcome? Is loneliness necessarily a tragic end? Is this loneliness what you want? Youcine doesn’t know, but you know. Come to Youcine to find the answer. If you are lonely, we will find a way to solve it. If you are not alone, we can learn to share: Share this apk with a lot of free movies and TV series resources to fill your leisure time!

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