‘Beast of the Sea’ is an adventure with lots of learning and fun

Beast of the Sea

The production ‘Beast of the Sea’ is now available for you in the Youcine free apk. The film is directed by Chris Williams, who also directed Moana – A Sea of Adventures (2016). The animation presents a fun adventure with many learnings.

‘The Beast of the Sea’ tells the story of Jacob (Karl Urban), a sailor who dedicated his life to hunting monsters. However, after meeting Maisie (Zaris-Angel Hator), the hunter begins to discover that perhaps the beasts are not evil as the stories show. So, the two will do everything to protect the great beast of the sea, called Red.

The plot of the animation is nothing new, but it is a sure bet, which can please both children and adults. She manages to hold the attention of those who watch, generating in the audience a feeling of empathy for the characters.

The story as a whole passes many very noticeable learnings in the journey of each character. The greatest example is the empathy that everyone began to feel for the beasts of the sea, as well as showing the growth of brotherhood and protection between Jacob and Maisie, among others.


‘A Fera do Mar ‘ is a very engaging, fun plot and presents the audience with a story full of learning. The cast includes: Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens and Kathy Burke. Jared Harris. Enjoy watching movies, series, drawings and anime in the Youcine free apk! Download the app now on your cell phone, Android, Iphone, TV Box or Smart TV, to watch everything for free!

Tips for more productions for you to enjoy

1. Control Z- Season 3

Control Z
‘Control Z’ Season 3 Finale Explained: Do Sofia and Raul Escape?

Control Z‘ is one of the most watched Mexican series in history, the success was so great from the beginning that with just one week of premiere, it was renewed for the second season and then for the third, and it is available for you to watch on Youcine free apk.

In this third and new season, in the final year of school, Sofia, Javi and friends try to move on. However, the group’s plans are thwarted by hacking of a popular account.

End Explained

This third and new season of ‘Control Z’ starts after the events of the second season finale. With the fight on the roof, director Susana falls and finds herself on the ground, dead. Season three picks up from there, jumping between tonight’s events and at school sometime in the future. Javi and Sofia are nearby, frequenting escape rooms together, while Raul is having parties. Maria and Natalia have left town while the other characters from previous seasons are still lurking.

It all starts with Raul receiving a “gift” from a drone that flies during his rooftop party. Inside is a note saying “Do you think I’d forget?” and an incriminating photo. Others also receive another message from @allyoursecrets, triggering the events of the night Susana passed away. But after all, who sent all this? It’s because?

As the season progresses, Raul is kidnapped and sends a video message, taking the blame for everything and claiming he is the real @Allyoursecrets. Everyone is convinced – except Sofia. She believes he is being blackmailed and quickly starts moving to find out what is going on.

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