‘Code Name Banshee’ brings a lot of action and emotion


A former government assassin in hiding, Caleb (Antonio Banderas), resurfaces when his protege, the deadly assassin known as the Banshee (Jaime King), discovers a bounty has been placed on Caleb’s head. So they must put the past behind them and come together for the last time to fight the CIA-backed secret assassins who threaten to end their lives. Harbor”, Jaime King.

Banshee beats a lot and threatens his apparent “control” of the CIA (Kim DeLonghi) in an early scene – in the woman’s office. Her father was killed after passing “assets” to the Russians, or so she says. His partner and mentor (Antonio Banderas) are also gone. The script doesn’t make the whole “betrayal” thing very clear. This is not investigated and not resolved.

Code Name Banshee

Well, it may be that Merrick Garland is “in it.” Banshee works with the controlling hacker of all systems (Aleksander Vayshelboym). He tracks the untraceable and guides them to the villains’ lairs, where they are knocked out of contract by some henchman (Tommy Flanagan) and his massive gang of armed thugs.

One thing that can be done to be able to resolve all this is to find your ex-mentor. Sure enough, Caleb (Banderas) has holed up in some suburban town where he runs a bar. Naturally, he is a widower, with a teenage daughter (Catherine Davis) who knows no past, but must suspect something, as her father trained her in martial arts and with his firearms.

The story is formulas, but with some ingredients missing. Somehow, there is always time to gawk at the vast arsenal of weapons of some “pros”. No action movie featuring Banderas and Flanagan (“Westworld,” “There Are No Saints”) is an overall loss. Banderas makes every part an emotion. And Flanagan reveals his menacing accent with every word. Check out this production in the Youcine free apk. Download on your mobile, android, Iphone, Smart TV or TV box to watch movies for free.

Hello, Goodbye and All

The film is an adaptation of a successful teen book. It shows the story of Claire and Aidan, a couple who met before going to college. But as in the United States this means moving to another city, and even state, the two know that there is no way to maintain the relationship. So, they decide to have a “terminating ceremony”.

Code Name Banshee

The farewell takes place with a tone of happiness, they don’t want to cry, regretting how they couldn’t stay together forever. The idea is that they can enjoy their last moments together, celebrating what they have lived in the last few months and leaving a good memory in each one’s memory forever.

Within this context, first-time director Michael Lewen adapts to the letter the book by Jennifer E. Smith, in which this well-thought-out idea at first goes wrong little by little, as the couple realizes that things are not that easy. Goodbye never comes in a simple or peaceful way. Even when programmed, it hurts. You can’t pretend that things are going normally, because it’s not natural to keep away from the person you love.

Despite this idea being cool, which conveys a feeling that is rarely addressed in romantic teen cinema, the film is just that: romantic teen cinema. However, for those who want something simple and normal to watch, it’s worth it. Do you know how to watch movies on Smart TV for free? No? Just download the Youcine apk for free and enjoy!

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