‘The Outfit’ (2022) : Thrilling and Entertaining Production


Duvall, anyway gets out of prison and befriends a former partner in crime, Joe Don Baker. They also take Duvall’s daughter (Karen Black) with them. This is a movie basically about a highly respectful friendship relationship between two men.

No, it’s just some old friends who are fast, wicked, and quite professional. And Duvall is also reasonable; He doesn’t want complete revenge, he just wants a quarter of a million dollars. The outfit demands more than that on a good day, or so Robert Ryan, who plays the mob boss, looks. But Ryan manages to double Duvall, and then it turns out that for $250,000 it would have been cheap.

The Outfit

Duvall and Baker raid a number of mob operations, including a gambling club and a card room, and occasionally raid Ryan’s mansion. The raid sequences are very good, as they are realistically done; without a heroism that is not possible, just well focused shots.

John Flynn, directed and wrote the film. He fills the scenes with a number of secondary characters, who can seem complex and real, such as a couple of car salesmen and the nymphomaniac of one of them (Sheree North). And Marie Windsor, as Baker’s wife; Robert Ryan, in his penultimate role, playing a man with a lot of strength but little happiness. The farm scene of the two stolen car dealerships is so well done and handled with such attention to detail to the characters , that it can stand on its own.

There is something else good about the film: the restraint and the way Flynn uses violence. Instead of looking for lots of fancy shots, Flynn often examines how violent situations tend to be confusing. Like for example, a scene in a drift mission, which comes to life when Duvall and Baker, trying to get away from two killers, set off a fire alarm. Firemen, policemen and killers are all busy trying to find the fire; it is a very exciting production, and also entertaining. So it is well worth just watching!

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The Outfit

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