‘Chloe’ series promises a great mystery game, will it?


With a seductive story, the ‘Chloe’ series promises a mystery game. The production is written and directed by the same creator of Sex Education (2019), Alice Seabright, in partnership with Amanda Boyle (Kursk , 2012), and presents more of a drama of everyday relationships than the suspense of the investigation of a mysterious death.


In the narrative of the series Becky Green (Doherty), is a woman full of frustrations and is obsessed with seeing the perfect life of her former childhood best friend, Chloe Fairbourne (Poppy Gilbert), on social media. Her loving husband, and his successful friends, a world that has nothing to do with hers, as she now spends much of her free time taking care of her mother – who has been diagnosed with dementia praecox. This story began after Chloe rejects her friendship in high school, and takes a new turn when she suddenly dies. Unhappy, Becky assumes a new identity and infiltrates the lives of Chloe’s closest friends to find out what happened to her.

The script was well written and developed — despite using several clichés for this type of mystery — the series shows excellent questions to viewers through its narrative model. The directors used flashbacks, some real and some not so much, to inform and, at the same time, confuse the viewer in relation to the events leading up to Chloe’s death. A very common technique in works of the genre, such as in Um Contratempo (2016).

The character development drags a bit, and maybe that’s the purpose, to keep the mystery of who the villain would be, but it could be better. Something that contrasts with Alice’s previous work, in Sex Education (2019), where the characters are gradually developed in an engaging plot that unfolds dynamically, according to the facts that happen throughout the chapters.


Even so, despite the narrative problem, ‘Chloe’ is very well produced and pays attention to details that complement the story. The series brings a costume referring to a ‘Fashion Week’, and manages to express that it was designed to show the personality and moment of each character represented in the narrative. The part that shows the longing; of the friend, of childhood, of friendship, of what could have been if other choices had been made, is also excellent.


Therefore, in response to our initial questioning of the title of this article, the series leaves the initial idea, the mysterious death of Chloe, almost as the background of a narrative that starts to focus on the relationships of her successful friends and her perfect life. . Bringing up numerous questions about these obsessions, mainly from Becky and Chloe. Details that make the six-episode series a little long and cancel the initial proposal of what would be ‘a good mystery’.Where to watch free movies online 2021? Do you know? So here’s a great tip, just download the Youcine free apk on your TV Box, Smart TV, android, Iphone or on your pc and watch everything for free! So run and enjoy!


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