‘Dead Poets Society’ a life lesson


I’m sure if you’re between 30 and 40 years old, you’ve heard in a literature class when the teacher talked about romanticism, one of the recurring themes of “Arcadism” in high school as a teenager, which in Latin means “seize the day”.

Based on this idea and on the fact that most teenagers find the Carpe Diem “biggest cool”, the movie “Dead Poets Society” was released in 1989, which tells the story of a very traditional US boarding school, only for boys. This institution is famous for referring most of its students to the largest universities in that country. A college that is expensive, traditional, and renowned. However, in this school a new teacher called Mr. Keating, (the wonderful actor Robin Williams) also graduated from that school and had a very good curriculum.

Dead Poets Society

This teacher starts to teach students very revolutionary ideas for the time, including the Carpe Diem. Of course, this idea is absorbed by some students in a slightly exaggerated way and this creates conflict. Another idea that is advocated by Mr. Keating was to teach these boys to have independent thoughts, an idea that was immediately rejected by the school principal, because in his view they were not mature enough to correctly apply what they were being taught.

Faced with so much novelty, we must remember that, when you give chocolate to someone who has never eaten it, this person may end up liking it and eating until they feel sick, and although Mr. Keating (or Captain, my Captain! as he is called by the students) say: “Don’t be stupid, you have something very good in this school! Don’t waste it!” But… as everything has a positive side too… Mr. Keating does something that has changed the lives of some students at that school for good. Now it’s up to you spectator to think if what he did was good or bad…In fact, he makes a lot of things happen in these boys’ lives.

Robin Williams and the movie are great

The movie is great. And what about Robbin Williams’ acting and role? Great! In this production the actor was nominated for an Oscar, Bafta and Golden Globe.

Dead Poets Society

Gives an Image to the Costume

The photos, sets and costumes are great. It is possible to feel the heavy “air” of the school and how serious it is (something that is very criticized by today’s school standards). Observing the setting of this film, one can imagine the date of the film, the end of the 50’s and beginning of the 60’s, as there are no specific records of the date from the research I carried out. How to watch movies for free on the internet? You just have to download the free Youcine app and check out varieties of movies, anime, anime movies, series, talk shows and much more! Run, enjoy, download your free Youcine apk now!

Dead Poets Society

Script and Direction of ‘Dead Poets Society’

The script and direction of the film are amazing. They explore very well the profile of these students who would be according to the film, a few years later the young adults of the 60s and who would protest against the Vietnam War, would be Rippies, would do Woodstok, support Martin Luther King Jr, among other diverse cultural revolutions and social events that took place in the US soon after. We see in the film these young people in this revolutionary future, as we can also see those who just want to lead their quiet lives, being very happy with it, and everything is ok for that.

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