Mexican film “Natal again” stars Anna Brenda Contreras and Maurício Ochman


On December 20, he starred in the movie “Natal again” –Netflix– a comedy played by Anna Brenda Contreras and Maurício Ochman.


A grumpy man from Mexico is cursed by a fairy, wakes up one year in the future with no memory of anything, and finds that his worst fear has come true. He has a birthday on Christmas, but he hates Christmas. However, Christmas has arrived, and to stay.

After falling dangerously on Christmas Eve, Chuy collapses and awakens a year later, remembering nothing of the past year. He then realizes that he is doomed to keep waking up on Christmas Eve exactly after Christmas Eve, and has to deal with the consequences of what his other “self” did on other days of the year. Desperate, he needs to understand the true Christmas spirit and the importance of the family if he wants to escape this situation.

Natal again

The film is directed by Mark Alazraki, she also signs the script alongside Paulo Cursino, Juan Carlos Garzón, and Angélica Gudiño. The production is by André Carreira and Juan Uruchurtu.

The real meaning of Christmas

“Natal Outra Vez”, through Chuy’s story, makes us meditate on the true meaning of the date, going far beyond the “normal” aspect that ends up occurring at this time, recognizing the importance of traditions repeated every year by the families who celebrate this date. It’s worth watching this production at Christmas! I’m sure you readers will like it! Download the free youcine apk now and check out this and many other movies for free! Enjoy!


Mauricio Ochmann plays Chuy along with his colleagues who play other characters: Ana Brenda Contreras, Manu NNa, José Sefami, Romina Poza, Bastian Calva, María Rojo, Paula Espinosa, and Kaled Acab.

Natal again

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Armageddon Code

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3. Hawa


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4. King Richard

“King Richard: Creating Champions” is a biographical production that was inspired by Richard Williams, father of famous tennis players Serena Williams and Venus Williams. Insistent on making his daughters future tennis champions, Richard (Will Smith) uses some of his own and unconventional methods, following the clear vision of the future he built for his daughters Serena (Demi Singleton) and Venus (Saniyya Sidney).

Focused, the girls’ father will do everything to get them out of the streets of Compton to courts around the world. Armed with a bold plan, Richard Williams struggles to write his daughters into history. Training on the neglected tennis courts of Compton, California -always- the girls are shaped by their father’s strong commitment and their mother’s level-headed perspective and keen intuition, defying seemingly insurmountable odds and the prevailing expectations before them.

King Richard follows the uplifting journey of a family whose unwavering determination and unconditional belief ultimately delivered two of the world’s greatest sporting legends.

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