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This is a film that contains a basic but promising concept. It has a very talented director and a familiar cast, which is what it needs to stock up on at least one second-tier Steven Soderbergh assemblage, led by the charismatic part that is Noomi Rapace. But even with all these advantages, the end result is a film so tasteless and forgettable that the cast perhaps didn’t have much enthusiasm to go shoot.

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Rapace plays Alice Racine, a brilliant and competent CIA agent who hasn’t worked in the field since she failed to stop a terrorist attack in Paris in 2012. Now in London as an undercover agent undercover as a social worker, Alice denies her pleas. her former mentor (Michael Douglas) to return to the fold, but is soon pulled back when the agency asks for her assistance with a high-profile case involving a possible attack on London by an ISIS cell. A messenger with very important information has been captured on the way to deliver a message, and she is asked to take it away from him. Getting the information is easy, but Alice soon begins to realize that the situation is not quite what it appears to be. Truly, her intuitions are right and she manages to escape in the nick of time along with the desired information.

Running away

On the run and not sure who she can trust, Alice encounters many people along the way to arouse her suspicions. In addition to the mentor, there is the head of the local CIA office (John Malkovich), who says he believes her story, but nevertheless finds her behavior extremely suspicious. There’s her main MI5 contact (Toni Collette), who may or may not know more than she’s letting on. But strangely, there is a cat burglar (Orlando Bloom), who she meets when she catches him robbing a safe house where she intends to hide, and who turns out to possess the kind of advanced skill not often seen in men who drive TVs around. a life. About the only person she can truly trust is Amjad (Tosin Cole), a local who has been feeding her information about suspicious neighbors and who seems to have what it takes to become an agent.

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What could have been something fun turns out to be a very boring experience, thanks to Peter O’Brien’s very uninteresting script, it never seems to realize that everyone already realizes practically all the supposedly amazing twists and turns that will occur. Director Michael Apted has showcased his talents in the past in films ranging from straight-up entertainment like “Coal Miner’s Daughter” for example, to the landmark “Up” documentary series, but he mostly fails to give the film the kind of stylistic inspiration that would have helped him to transcend the mundane stuff. The only time it really comes to life is during the impressive set-piece involving his escape from suspicious interrogation, a rather elegant sequence that puts even the most elaborate action scenes to shame.

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