PCC: Secret Power Draws Attention as it Delves Into the Penitentiary System


The Documentary that the CCP: Secret Power shows the beginning of an organization that is born of a massacre. All the episodes of this documentary series, directed by the director Joel Zito Araújo, the dynamics of the testimonies is used to give a human side to the project. criminal families. The family members who speak, do not speak in the name of the organization’s nicknames. They are family members of criminals, who illustrate how everything begins and ends.


For most of us the idea of “organization” ends up sounding out of harmony with the anarchic principle of crime. The organization, however, exists; and what Joel Zito’s documentary brings is a return to the early 1990s to show how life on the periphery and inside São Paulo’s jails demanded control that the public security system was not able to provide. The PCC began as a football team and became a statute for the defense of communities and the prison system, since its creators were imprisoned when the acronym was re-signified.

The creation of the PCC is the point in the documentary where it enters a territory of cultural expansion. For this to reach the audience, the edition needs to show what life was like on the periphery and inside the main chains at the time. This is where this tour of the day-to-day life of the favelas begins, which live this constant ambivalence of admiring and being afraid of crime, as this is what directly influences the levels of security they experience on a daily basis. The trivialization of death is so shocking yet coherent. At a certain point one of them says “How cool it was back then”.

Miscellaneous Testimonials

What was astonishing was the amount of testimonies from former members. It is possible to have an idea of who entered as a soldier, who was at the front leading, who is still in prison, who is already free, from legal entities who still currently live in fear of suffering reprisal, all in detail. The Carandiru Massacre I only watched those who are a little cold-blooded, it’s very difficult. The massacre was the starting point for the creation of the faction and the documentary.

The rap lyrics give the episodes dynamics. In a few chapters it is possible to follow the trajectory of the PCC to the present day. The international side, the internal power struggle are issues addressed and present there. And like any organization in the social view, it moves towards a change of influences, according to which it dies and manages to survive.

The last minutes of the documentary manage to surprise, there is the anticipation of the threat of a new cycle, in which authorities and criminals had their roles reversed. This series promises a lot of emotions, so if you haven’t downloaded its Youcine apk for free, you can’t help but download and watch this series. You can download on mobile, Iphone, android, TV Box and Smart TV Enjoy!


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