“Purple Hearts” – Is it worth watching?


In the movie ‘Continence to Love ‘or in the English ‘Purple Hearts’ Cassie (Sofia Carson) is a young woman who works as a waitress, but dreams of living and working with music. One day at the bar where she is working, she meets Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), an Army soldier who is about to embark for Iraq on one of the great and many American war missions.

The two are quite different. Cassie is a feminist, against guns, a true American liberal, Luke is a military man and believes he is doing a great mission by serving the Army in a war.

Purple Hearts

Differences x Appearances

Even though they are very different, with different views of the world, they still end up coming together, at first out of interest: Cassie is diabetic and cannot afford her treatment; Luke is a former drug addict who is in debt to a drug dealer. The two then decide to get married in order to guarantee the benefits that the Army offers to those who have a stable union. So, she gets a health plan and he gets a kind of salary bonus to pay all the debt with the drug dealer.

At first they need to keep up appearances, because if the Armed Forces find out that it’s an arranged marriage, the couple could face court-martial and could be punished with prison. However, from daily living, the two begin to develop an affection for each other, and what was once just a forged feeling, becomes something real.

Shallow but not more of the same

‘Continue to Love’ at first seems more like one of those sticky and corny romances we know. But there are some parts that go deeper without letting it fall into ‘more of the same’. This issue of different views of the world is well addressed, which leads them to a kind of harmony to try to let love stand out.

The blossoming of feeling between the two is underdeveloped. In addition, a military man being threatened by a meager drug dealer, who does not experience great tension, let alone is surrounded by henchmen, is a bit contradictory.

However, the good intentions of ‘Continência ao Amor ’ and the strong bond between the protagonist couple works. Although it is a little predictable, with a speech in some cases superficial, the production manages to get out of the same and for that reason it is worth watching. But you must be thinking: Is there a way to watch movies on the internet? Yes it does! And for free ! Download the free Youcine app on your android, cell phone, Smart TV or TV Box to watch everything for free! In addition to anime, cartoons, animated movies and very cool series! So enjoy!

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The children’s series is based on the work of Maurício de Souza, which follows the title character (Giulia Benite) and her friends Magali (Laura Rauseo), Cebolinha (Kevin Vecchiato) and Cascão (Gabriel Moreira) as they live great adventures in the Limoeiro neighborhood. . Currently reaching adolescence, the four friends find themselves in an identity crisis when they realize that they are no longer children enough for some games, but they are also not welcomed into the group of teenagers.

Purple Hearts

Everything starts to get worse when they are invited to Carminha Frufru’s (Luiza Gatta) party and something terrible happens. The party is sabotaged and Monica and her friends become the main suspects in everything. Neighborhood gossip Denise (Becca Guerra) decides to investigate the mess in order to find out who really destroyed Carminha’s party.

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