Series and Movies to Watch this Weekend


For you who are passionate about cinema, here are some tips for you to enjoy this weekend! So let’s get to the tips:

1. Hannibal

This 3-episode series -which is in the Youcine free apk- shows a psychiatrist before prison, helping the FBI to solve some crimes. The series showcases the peculiar relationship between Hannibal Lecter, played by Mads Mikkelsen and Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy, as doctor and patient, scientist and experiment, co-workers and friends. The relationship between the two makes the series stand out. . It also shows developments in their personalities and interactions with the rest of the FBI team.


2. Maldives Season 1

A young girl from Goiânia named Liz, played by actress Bruna Marquezine, moves to Rio de Janeiro with the intention of seeing her mother again, who dies in a mysterious fire. Focused on getting answers to this fatality, Liz needs to hide from investigator Denilson (Romani) and ends up infiltrating a luxurious condominium in Barra da Tijuca. Among the residents of Maldives are Milene, played by actress Manu Gavassi, a true “queen”, who lives an apparently perfect life alongside her husband, plastic surgeon Victor Hugo, played by actor Klebber Toledo; and Rayssa, played by Sheron Menezzes, a former axé singer-turned-successful executive who is married to her former band vocalist, Cauã, played by Samuel Melo. Her mother Kat, played by Crol Castro, has to deal with the fact that her husband Gustavo, played by Guilherme Winter, is under house arrest. Veronica, played by Natalia Klein, in turn, is an outsider who dislikes her neighbors. To top it off, Miguel, played by Danilo Mesquita, Liz’s fiancé (who comes from the countryside) cannot be missing. Don’t miss this opportunity to watch great productions for free, download your Youcine free apk now on your cell phone, Tv Box and enjoy!

Maldives Season 1

3. PCC Season 1

We have already done an article about this series here. Season 1 shows the First Command of the Capital that holds the hegemony of crime in São Paulo, but also an international presence. Narrated by the ‘brothers’, the PCC’s secret is revealed in its structure: a true masonry of crime, completely implacable in its ideas.

PCC Season 1

4. Executive Order

This film, directed by Lázaro Ramos and Flávia Lacerda, shows in a dystopian future, the Brazilian government enacting a provisional measure that forces black citizens to migrate to Africa in order to return to their origins. Two cousins, finding themselves at the center of terrorism, take refuge in an apartment, where they debate social and racial issues, in addition to sharing the same dreams that involve the transformation of the country.
The cast of the production is composed by Alfred Enoch / Seu Jorge / Taís Araujo

Executive Order

5. 190 Crime Intelligence – Season 1

Do you like series that have adrenaline? If so, you will really enjoy this one. In ‘190 Intelligence Against Crime’ – Season 1, São Paulo police officers show how they face a lot of adrenaline. With unpublished images and audios, the viewer of the free Youcine apk, will be able to get into the police uniform and feel the tension of officers during a daily fight against violence. The production has the line of attractions of ‘Linhas de Combate’ by Band, and ‘Operação de Risco’, by Rede TV, but it has a complete view of the complaints made, ranging from 190 calls, the emergency service of police, until the cases are resolved. And it also shows the images of the cameras installed in the uniforms of the police, who assemble their strategies in a short time to solve problems. Download the Youcine apk for free on your android or Tv Box and Smart Tv and check it out!

190 Crime Intelligence - Season 1
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