‘The Essex Serpent’ Brings a Good Drama


‘The Essex Serpent’ , starring Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston, brings reflections on the dispute between faith and science in 19th century England.

The Essex Serpent

This series has six episodes that propose past reflections, but still current.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Sarah Perry, The Serpent of Essex tells the story of Cora Seaborne played by actress Claire Daines, a woman who was recently widowed and freed from her abusive relationship. She then decides to explore life and dedicate herself to her passion: the natural sciences.

On this walk, which mixes liberation and self-knowledge, Cora decides to go to Essex, a city in England, to study a “beast” that torments and haunts fishermen and locals. Then her path crosses with Pastor Will Ransome, Tom Hiddleston. The journey becomes the main conflict of the plot.

The ‘The Essex Serpent’, in addition to the name of the production, is a metaphor that the series tries to convey: in the mid-19th century, in an England that is divided between reason and faith; belief and science – a subject that, many years later, is current in the context of the pandemic. Can this monster be investigated or will it remain as a beast in the imagination of the local population, even with Cora’s efforts? The struggle between faith and reason is the basis of the drama, which is materialized in the relationship between Cora, Will and London doctor Luke Garrett, played by Frank Dillan. Even though she is intellectually drawn to the young talent of medicine, Claire Danes’ character is drawn and carried away by Tom Hiddleston’s love for the pastor.

The production shows the opposition between modernity and tradition, ‘The Serpent of Essex’ presents a period drama, with a quick narrative and some political-social questions, made through the socialist character Martha, played by actress Hayley Squires, and her relationship with an aristocrat heir. Some subjects such as wealth x poverty, faith x religion, working class x aristocracy, rural city x urban are explored by the series.

The plot manages to deliver an interesting drama, but even with Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston, ‘The Serpent of Essex’ fails to create a sense of urgency in the narrative. But it’s worth watching this production, you can watch it for free by downloading the Youcine free apk on your cell phone, Iphone, Android, Smart Tv or Tv Box. Enjoy!

The Essex Serpent

Actor Wagner Moura breaks out in the series ‘Iluminadas’

Based on the book of the same name by Lauren Beukes, the original production has a well-engaged cast that a story of misogyny and journalistic investigation.

Created by Silka Luisa, the series follows the journey of Kirby, starring Elisabeth Moss, a journalist with a very promising future who has a turning point in her life after being attacked by Harper, starring Jamie Bell. Unlike other victims, the protagonist survives and decides to hunt him down. As she investigates, she realizes that there is a much bigger conspiracy than she imagines and counts on the help of another journalist, Dan Velásquez, played by the brilliant actor Wagner Moura, to unravel her case and that of other women.


The series’ story has elements that complement each other and lead viewers to try to unravel the events together with Kirby. Mystery, suspense and a time travel move the plot. Luisa conducts the narrative as if she were transporting us into investigative films from the 90s. .

The photograph signed by Bonnie Elliot and Robert McLachlan, simulates the danger that Chicago could offer to an independent woman, watched by a maniac.

The Essex Serpent

Some details

Elisabeth Moss signs two episodes along with Daina Reid (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) and Michelle MacLaren (the only woman to direct episodes of “Game of Thrones”) take turns directing on the season floor. The mass female presence is a factor that leads to telling a narrative about women and the misogyny that plagues us.

“Iluminadas” exposes the silencing imposed on victims of violence against women and the trauma it can leave them. The direction shows this in visual detail. Be it the change in haircut, the position of an object; everything generates a lot of curiosity and questions that keep the viewer attentive to the maximum. Everything is interconnected, as the pieces complement each other, our questions find answers, but lead us to even bigger questions.

About the Cast

Elisabeth Moss shines and shows why she is one of the most popular actresses on television. Kirby shows that she is aligned with someone’s anguish and that she is out of her time and trapped in the traumas caused by misogyny. Meanwhile, Jamie Bell has a terrifying, frightening presence. But who gives a show is Wagner Moura. The actor brings a little Brazilian swagger to his character through clothes and dialogues in Portuguese with his son. Her character is very sensitive to Kirby, giving her the confidence she needs. The journalist also discusses issues of integrity and journalistic ethics, adding the issue of alcoholism and the task of raising his teenage son alone.


‘Illuminadas’ is a production full of twists. The mystery, the well-constructed characters, interpreted and the technical feminine touch make the narrative very good. And you can check out this series for free, that’s right, just download the Youcine free apk on your cell phone, android, Smart Tv or Tv Box and enjoy! Run and download the apk right now! You won’t regret it!

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