The Real Story of the Brotherhood Series that is already in the Youcine free apk

Brotherhood Series

Created by Pedro Morelli, Irmandade is a Brazilian police series that takes place around the 90s in the city of São Paulo. The series shows Cristina Ferreira, a dedicated lawyer who ends up discovering that her brother, Edson, has been arrested.

Edson runs a criminal faction known as the Brotherhood. She is forced by the police to become an informant and work against her brother. However, the more time Cristina spends with the group, the more she begins to question the meaning of justice.

The series stars Seu Jorge, Naruna Costa, Hemila Guedes and Lee Taylor, who bring the complex characters to life. In addition to the gripping storyline, Brotherhood’s visuals allow viewers to experience an immersive experience that’s hard to forget.

How did the series come about?

With such spectacular work in both aspects, viewers of the Youcine free apk can’t help but wonder how the series came about, where they shot it, and if it’s a true story. So here’s the truth about the Brotherhood series.

Is Brotherhood a True Story?

It may seem like it, but Brotherhood has no basis in a true story. The series was announced by Netflix on July 12, 2018 and is in our free Youcine apk under the name “The Faction”. However, Pedro Morelli created the crime series to show the public a tale that explores the issues within the system.

Through the character Cristina, Pedro gradually introduces viewers to the reality behind the system. At first, Crstina dedicates her life to working within the legal system and playing for the books. However, once she gets to know the criminals she would have to spy on, she comes to realize that their crimes don’t define them.

As a member of the Brotherhood then, the ex-lawyer learns about the very hard life people face. She also becomes familiar with the violence that has become an inseparable part of their lives.

Brotherhood Series

While the Brotherhood’s story isn’t real, the issues the series addresses try to convey the reality of the time in which it took place. The public, then, is faced with intended problems and also how people in Brazil face their struggles and difficulties.

Brotherhood Series

Where was the Brotherhood series filmed?

The Irmandade series was filmed primarily in Cubatão, São Paulo, Quatro Paraná, as well as Curitiba in Brazil. The filming of the first season took place in late 2018 and early 2019. Download your free Youcine apk now on your android, TV Box, or Smart TV and watch it all!

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, better known as “the land of drizzle”, capital of the Brazilian state of the same name, is where Brotherhood was filmed and set. With a diverse population and developed infrastructure, São Paulo is the largest city in the country. It serves as the financial and cultural centers of Brazil.

Located near the port of Santos, Cubatão is another main location in the state of S.P. used to film several scenes in the Brotherhood crime series. São Paulo has been the subject of many popular productions, including Sense8 and Black Mirror. Is there a way to watch free movies on mobile? Have! Download your Youcine free apk right now and watch!

Curitiba-Parana, Brazil

Paraná is another Brazilian state that houses the production of Irmandade. Curitiba, the capital of Paraná, is often used to film various scenes. The city has a large population and contributes heavily to the country’s economy. Due to its rich culture and history, Curitiba has served as a filming point for many projects. The municipality of Quatro Barras, near Curitiba, can also be seen in the series. Several productions chose the location to film their shows, such as Alice Júnior and Insônia.

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