Thriller miniseries ‘Echos’ brings great talent


The catalog of the latest thriller miniseries entry is now available for you viewer on the free Youcine app. At first, the proposal for ‘Echos’ seems to be promising, with a fun and tough double interpretation by actress Michelle Monaghan. The big problem is the plot.

The series overexplains everything about its history through somewhat dull flashbacks and interrogation scenes. For four episodes, “Echoes” barely makes sense, and not just in a traditional suspense/mystery nature, but because of the somewhat shallow writing and shaky editing. And so the writers ‘pull the reins’ on this runaway horse, and the show unwinds the expository TV episode explaining everything in the fifth chapter, before limping through two more.



Actress Monaghan plays twins Leni and Gina. They live very different lives in the city/country when the show starts. Gina is in Los Angeles with her therapist husband Charlie (Daniel Sunjata), and she has built a successful writing career. Leni stayed in Virginia and married her high school sweetheart Jack (Matt Bomer). The two have a daughter named Mattie (Gable Swanlund), and Leni seems much loved in her rural community, while her identical twin enjoys life in Hollywood.

The miniseries “Echoes” begins with the disappearance of Gina, sending Leni home to try to find out what happened to her sister. The main secret that drives the narrative is that Gina and Leni have been switching places every year on her birthday, allowing one to live each other’s lives. They’re kind of married to Charlie/Jack and kind of Mattie’s mother. Yeah, it’s pretty weird. But it’s also a great hook because it should not only give Leni reason to duel to find Gina, while keeping everyone around her unaware of the trap, but it makes us doubt her own sanity, given what sisters has been doing for years. Could Gina have run away and Lena wouldn’t have known where to?

The problem is that the viewer will need a flowchart to follow the sisters and their secrets, there are many. Sometimes it gives the impression that pieces of the narrative are missing, like a reader who has accidentally skipped a chapter in a book.

Talent Cast

It’s really a shame, because part of the cast is prepared for a winding soap opera. Actress Monaghan adapts very well to her role(s), struggling at first to differentiate the sisters – although this served to support the narrative – but sporadically carving out different identities for Leni and Gina.

Bonner is always solid, Jonathan Tucker gives a much-needed sense of danger when he comes across as Gina’s boyfriend, although there is a bit of a waste in not using all of these actors’ talent.

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