US drama film ‘Juma Marruá’ thrills


Do you remember the soap opera that was the most successful called ‘Pantanal’? It was an adaptation of an earlier version. In the production, ‘Juma Marruá’ was the woman who didn’t take any insults home. And in fact there are many ‘Jumas’ across the states, surviving. ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’, is a film that represents the figure of ‘Juma’ well.

Juma Marruá

In the 1950s, in the quiet Barkley Cove, with swamps on all sides, the Clark family lives. They live in an isolated house on the banks of the swamp and away from the city. The father, ( Garret Dillahunt ), is a very violent guy and starts attacking the family. Therefore, the mother ( Ahna O’Reilly ), leaves and gradually all the other three children leave too, except for Kya Clark ( Jojo Regina ).

With the passage of time, the father also goes to another place, and the little one is completely alone, being forced to learn to live together. It is in this context that she meets little Tate (Luke David Blumm ), and the couple Mabel (Michael Hyatt ) and hop ( Sterling Macer Jr. ), who own grocers. In this way, another 10 years pass in the life of Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones ), isolated from social life, becoming a kind of local legend in the city, called “The Swamp Girl”. Everything was going very well in the young woman’s life, until a murder took place in the city and the local police sentenced her for what happened.

‘A Place Far Away From Here’, is one of those delightful films to watch and that you don’t even see the time pass, great is the resourcefulness of the script by Lucy Alibar , which builds very involving scenes that show the plot with great skill, developing well the characters and the story.

The plot is based on the book by Delia Owens (which was released in Brazil by the publisher Intrinseca ).

Juma Marruá

And it is indeed a very moving story. The direction of Olivia Newman, employs feeling in each part, manages to extract the best from the cast that demonstrates the right feelings so that the viewer is very clear on who should really empathize. The aerial scenes in nature, which explore the shadows and lights, the movement of animals, all this is shown in the film in an engaging way, putting us ‘inside’ the world of ‘Jumas Marruás’, living alone in the middle of the woods.


Along with unreleased music by Taylor Swift ‘ A Place Far Away From Here ‘ , the film has an Oscar-like “flavor”, mixing drama and suspense in a well-constructed and human story. So, when you go to watch, take your scarf, because you will surely be very emotional!

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Juma Marruá

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